6 Small Kitchen Ideas to Transform the Look of Your Kitchen

Having a small kitchen is something which you should not be worried about. The only thing you need is the proper planning for your kitchen. You must be very well aware about what are you looking for, the type of design, the appliances to be kept, the storage space required etc. And most important, does your kitchen has the proper lighting? These are the little details which turn your kitchen what it is today or what you want it to look like. Here are some of the ideas and techniques that must be kept in mind while you plan the set up for your small kitchen. These tips would make your small kitchen look pretty big and also less chaotic.

Space Planning in Small Kitchens

  • Lots of utensils? Get cabinets!


Having a small kitchen means that you need to take proper care of the storage space in your kitchen. Utensils if not kept in a proper space in your kitchen, it will make your kitchen look smaller and unplanned. The best way to get the proper storage planned is to go for the galley kitchen or the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen. This will help keep your utensils safe and less scattered. The best way to reduce the space eating up by utensils is to make the overhead cabinets.

These days kitchen has also become the style symbol for your home. Thus, the less chaotic it will be, the more stylish it will look. And cabinets do work wonders for small kitchens.

  • Kitchen Island? Yes! Go ahead!


In case the idea of island kitchen has crossed your mind, please go ahead and go for the island. People have a very common worry that it will make your kitchen look smaller and the moving space would be reduced. However, don’t get swayed by the thought as this will indeed make your kitchen look organized. The kitchen island can be planned with drawers and cabinets too. The kitchen island has many benefits. You can use it as a table to store your veggies, do the preparation of the meal, keeping your appliances. Appliances like your toaster, juicer, and griller are much safer than it is on the stove section of the kitchen. The use of Kitchen Island for preparation of the meal also helps you keep your counter clean and look less messy. The cabinets in your kitchen island will also help you get more space for storing big utensils which cannot be adjust in the smaller cabinets. Thus it is your kitchen’s perfect companion.

  • Big appliances will be your kitchen’s greatest enemy

It is the general thought that the bigger appliance you have the fabulous your kitchen looks. However, today the trendsetting equipment come in a very compact size. If you have a small kitchen, buy compact appliances, it will give you more space to move and make your cooking experience much more relaxing! What you can also do is plan a proper set up for the appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.

  • Proper lighting! It works like magic for your kitchen.

If you are lucky enough to have proper natural lighting through the windows in your kitchen, you need to spend a little less in illuminating your kitchen. However, if you are not blessed with the natural lighting for your kitchen, go for lighting up your kitchen in every way possible. Lighting does wonders to the look of your kitchen. With proper lighting or illumination your kitchen looks much bigger in size. The proper way to put lights is to place them under the overhead cabinets in your kitchen. The illumination enhances the look of your kitchen in every way.

  • It might be small… But creativity is always welcome!


Small kitchens can be the workshop of creativity! You can do those little creative things to make it look the apple of the eye. Getting barstools, drop tables, small tables will make it look much more beautiful and creative. You can also extend your kitchen area to the dining and use of this little touch ups will help you realize how best your small kitchen be your family’s best friend.

  • Hire an expert!

If you find hard to take the time out to plan for your kitchen, go ahead and hire an expert. Hiring a professional interior designer will help you plan things in an easy and hassle-free way. The entire burden can be shared now and the result will be pleasing as the designer will always take care of your requirement as well as do the things professionally.

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