Things to Keep in Mind While Picking Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

The recent trend in the ingredients of the kitchen furnishing is the cabinet drawers. The modern drawers are all set to cater to your various needs. Be it the storage of the cutlery, utensils, chopping boards and even heavier items like pots and pans – the modern drawers can be your kitchen companion at the best. The cabinet drawers today, are built with so much space and easy to handle technology that they will solve many of your problems at one go. However, here are some tips which would help you choose the perfect drawers for your kitchen. With these tips we want to make sure that you do not miss out on essential point to be taken care of.

  • The first point on the check list – The quality!

Here, quality refers to the material the drawers are manufactured from and the durability of the same. The drawers come with the ball bearings, which must also be checked before choosing a drawer. You must check the durability of the material as well. The drawers must be able to bear the heavy weight of the utensils and other bulkier items that you intend to keep in them. The most ideal material for the heavy duty drawers is the solid hardwood and one can go for these drawers without any further confusions. The other materials which ensure the quality, beauty and durability of the drawers include plywood and the particleboard. Since these are engineered woods they can be trusted.

Another important step to ensure that the drawer you are going to buy will never let you down is to check the gliding. Most of the drawers have the plastic or metal ball bearings. A perfect glide will ensure that the drawer opens fully and is ready to bear the weight of all the items put in it. However, this glide must be checked properly and must not be an unfinished glide. Unfinished guides with metal ball are often prone to rusting. To completely free yourself from the worry concerning the quality of the glide, make sure you open the drawer properly and check if it completely fits the drawer. Check for the ease with which the drawer opens.

  • The amount you would like to invest!

The modern cabinet drawers are something which fit every budget. The budget will depend on the quality you want to buy and the size you need. The multiplicity of the work and the storage capacity it will cater would actually be the determining factor of the price. If your requirement is to get a small cabinet drawer and if you don’t have too many things to store, you may go for a small and a good quality drawer. The size of the drawer is also a factor in setting the price. And also if the stuffs to be stored are limited, you can go for a comparatively lighter material and not the heavy duty ones. This will help you plan the budget in an affordable way. If the drawer is not used for storage of heavier and bulkier items, the glider can also be taken into consideration.

You might also choose to go for a sidemount slide as compared to an undermount one as the later will cost you a little more.

  • Check for the cool features the drawer has

The modern drawers come with numbers of features which go according to your wishes. If you want to feel the luxury of cooking, go for drawers which close at a touch and also do not make the slamming noise. Such drawers absorb shock and close at a feather touch, they will be the best one to pick.

And you can just feel precious with the drawer in your kitchen which opens at various positions. Drawers are also available that have the feature of opening from both the sides. If you need a drawer for your kitchen island, make sure you pick up something like this!

There also are drawers that will shock you with the magic of opening beyond the full extension point and making the work experience in the kitchen a wonderful one.

  • Check the knobs and pulls

While you settle on a certain type of kitchen cabinet, it is essential to have a look over the knobs and pulls the drawer has. Generally, people prefer having knobs for doors and pulls for drawers. Pulls would serve better for a kitchen with contemporary look. The mounting of the knobs and pulls is yet another criterion you must pay attention on. They could either be horizontally or vertically aligned.

Keep all these factors in mind while choosing a cabinet drawer for your kitchen.

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