5 Easy Steps To Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready!

An outdoor kitchen is a very modern idea. It has its own share in adding the drama and a thrill to your cooking. The complete space to eat, cook and entertain at the same time is a dream come true for any cook that is provided by an outdoor kitchen. There are many forms of an outdoor kitchen; it may be a simple one with just grills and some seating arrangements or a complete replica of an indoor kitchen, catering to all your cooking needs.

Be it summer, winter or monsoon may be, a well-planned outdoor kitchen will never disappoint you. When we talk about how to plan it the best way, the foremost step is to hire a professional. He/ she may be a patio contractor, a concrete contractor or may be a landscape designer, a novice or an expert, the only thing that matters is to plan everything according to your needs and vision.

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To help you get the complete idea as to which things must be on your list when you plan for the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, here are a few must to be followed tips.

  • Flooring must be your first concern


An outdoor kitchen will provide you some of the best moments of your life. But undoubtedly, it also has to take the beatings of the harsh weather conditions. And the worst situations are faced by the floors. Thus, the flooring type that you choose must be very versatile, which comes with the promise of the long durability and lasting beauty. It is advisable to avoid the use of tiles and marbles as it might not be able to resist the weight of the appliances and stains. It might also get slippery and harder to work on during the rainy season.

  • Pick an optimum location


Location is the thing we are talking about! If you plan this part of the kitchen plan well and perfect you will love the end result definitely. There are few things that must be kept in mind.

Firstly, always plan the location in a way such that it ensures the safety of your family. Locate it at a place in the yard near to the water source like the tap and make sure it is not a much closed space.

Secondly, make sure you don’t locate it too far from the indoor kitchen as during the parties, you would have to travel a lot carrying the items from one space to another which obviously won’t be very pleasant. While you choose the nearest location from the indoor kitchen, also make sure that you do not block the view of the yard from the indoor kitchen while planning for the outdoor ones. Try to figure out the perfect angle so that both the kitchens feel happy!

Thirdly, and very importantly, if you are planning for some renovations and touch up like retaining soils or adding a swimming pool in your yard to make the location perfect for the entertainment and parties and also a place to relax whenever necessary, do not forget to hire a professional designer. The designer will help you to sort things out in a perfect way. After all, you would not like a mess with your dream kitchen. Would you?

  • Appliances too heavy? Plan the size of the kitchen accordingly



The size of an outdoor kitchen entirely depends on the number and size of appliances. If you are planning for a simple kitchen with just a grill and some seating arrangements, you can very happily go for a cute little outdoor kitchen. However, if you want a fully-furnished kitchen like refrigeration, grills, ovens, sinks etc., make sure you plan the size accordingly with a decent space for the movement in and around the kitchen. You might also include the cabinets if you are planning to keep some of your appliances inside drawers for safety reasons. Design the kitchen in a way so that the compatibility of the appliances with each other is not harmed. You can also add some space for the preparation of the food to be cooked and the setting of the plates for the celebrations. There is a requirement of some storing space if you are planning to keep some of your needs exclusive to the outdoor kitchen.

  • Add the beauty


Beauty and the ambience will obviously be the product of your imaginations and will depend completely on your vision. Be sure, as to how you would like the look of your kitchen. It can be based on a theme or may be a simple one with some chairs and tables. However, you can plan the essentials according to your imagination and vision. The curtains if required, the color of it. The cushions and the covers, the lights and the things like flower pots, wall hangings, wind chimes and many other details can be prepared beforehand to add that dreamy touch to your kitchen.

  • Hire a professional

This will add the icing on the cake. If you are too busy on your schedule and hardly have time to plan all the details, a professional designer will help you to plan it all very effectively. All you need is to give them the idea of what you want and how you want and it will be all done for you very perfectly and professionally.

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