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Get The Most From Your Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse With This Ultimate Guide

When it comes to cookouts, smoking meat is a tried and true method still popular to this day. What’s nice about an electric smoker is that they’re so dead simple to use. ANYONE can produce delicious, tasty dishes with a modern Masterbuilt electric smokehouse.Continue reading

masterbuilt electric smokehouse smoker recipes

Recipe Post | MORE Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker Recipes

Feeling a bit…empty inside? Something seems to be missing. That’s because your life as a BBQ enthusiast is incomplete. Sorry to pull out the dramatics here. But, boring cookout recipes is a serious issue affecting 1 in 4 households in this country. Why? Beca read more

Does Smoking Meat Cause Cancer

Blog News | Does Smoking Meat Cause Cancer

Do the things we eat literally kill us?

Every time we take a bite of smoked meat, are we coming just a bit closer to your demise?

Meat in America – A Shocking Revelation

Brace yourself for this one, guys. Scientists say the answer may be ‘yes.’

But, don’t fear. Things may not be a grim as they appear – more on that in a bit.

In America, we really like our meat.

Actually, I would say we LOVE our meat. We love it grilled, fried, baked, smoked, etc. We love beef, pork, chicken, venison, and so on.

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Considering our love for meat, this news probably won’t be welcome. Especially in a blog about BBQ.

Americans consume a staggering amount of meat each year. This has sparked an interest in the consequences (if any) of consuming so much meat. Our consumption sparked interest in any potential health risks arising from different meat cooking techniques.

Researchers set out to answer the question, “does smoking meat cause cancer?” Scientists also looked into the potentially harmful impacts of grilling and frying meat.

Does Smoking Meat Cause Cancer? The Shocking TRUTH Revealed

So, what have they found?

Does Smoking Meat Cause Cancer? Is Smoked Food Bad For You?

Does Smoking Meat Cause Cancer

The results of the most recent research on certain smoked foods is that, yes, it can be bad for you.

Specifically, scientists found that women who eat a lot of smoked, barbecued, or grilled or meats are more likely to develop breast cancer. This rate is compared to women who eat these types of meat less frequently or not at all. In addition to increased breast cancer, studies indicated that people have a 23% higher odds of death from all causes when they consumed a large amount of smoked, barbecued, or grilled meats prior to being given a diagnosis.

Snuff Out the Smoke?

Out of all the meat cooking techniques studied, scientists found that smoked meat most likely poses the greatest risk to health and well-being.

So, where does this leave us? Should we just throw out our smokers because of these findings?

The results of the studies indicated that eating smoked pork, beef, or lamb on a regular basis was linked to a 17% greater risk of death from all causes and a 23% greater risk of death from breast cancer.

The cause? Carcinogens that are formed when meats are cooked in certain ways (e.g. smoking or grilling).

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (or PAHs) are created when organic material combusts.

When you smoke or grill any type of meat, your meat produces more PAHs. Other meat cooking methods create far fewer PAHs. Also, meats that contain a higher fat content may produce more PAHs as they cook.

Cut Back on Your Meat Intake… Or Not

So what do the results of these research studies mean for us?

Should we be cutting back on smoked, grilled, and barbecued meat intake?

Let’s start with the studies mentioned in this article.

Well, whenever scientists conduct research, we must always remain aware of any shortcomings, holes, or limitations in the research. An important bit of information noted by the researchers is that they did not assess the number of times study participants consumed meat within a week or what specific portions of meat participants consumed.

That’s a HUGE red flag. This information has the potential to skew the results of the study.

However, other research studies have found an increased risk of cancer linked to higher intake of grilled foods.

All this may leave you asking yourself questions such as “is smoked salmon healthy?” or “is pan grilled chicken safer?”

Ultimately, it’s up to YOU to make your own decision using this data to the best of your knowledge. Interpret the results of these studies for yourself.

My best advice here is to embrace moderation. There are many things in life that can harm you or your general health. For instance, too much candy could potentially cause diabetes and obesity. Would you never eat candy again because not exercising restraint could hurt you?

Some of you may have answered yes. That’s perfectly fine. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

Maybe you do not need to eliminate smoked, grilled, or barbecued meats entirely.

However, it also may not hurt to remain cognisant of just how much you’re eating. If you haven’t decided to give up on meat smoking and want to learn more about some great smokers, be sure to check out our page on some great Masterbuilt electric smokers.

What do you think about what you just read? Are you going to stop eating BBQ or practice moderation? Maybe you aren’t going to cut back at all. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

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I haven’t been completely honest with you and that all ends now.

Certain pitfalls exist in the world of BBQ and smoked meats. I may not have been completely forthright about those pitfalls before.Continue reading

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Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker

Electric Analog Smoker Review | Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker!

It can be hard to choose the right smoker for you, especially when you are a novice meat smoker!

There are so many different smoker brands and models to choose from, and the variety of options can feel overwhelming and confusing. If you are hoping to get into meat smoking for the first time, you probably don’t need a smoker that has all the bells and whistles that some expensive meat smokers feature.

Brand New Review To The Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker

Even if you have experience with meat smoking, you may not want a smoker that has endless features that you have no interest in using.

If you fall into either one of these categories, we may just have the perfect smoker for you!

This Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker is a great product sold at a really great price. Read on to find out why so many people believe this Masterbuilt Electric Analog smoker is an excellent investment.

Features of the Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker:

This smoker has a variable thermostat which helps ensure that you can control the temperature just as you like. The built-in external thermometer makes monitoring the smoker’s internal temperature easy and hassle free.

Smoke your meat using your favorite wood chips by placing them in the wood chip tray which comes included with your purchase of this Masterbuilt Electric analog smoker.

This smoker also comes with a water tray which helps ensure that your smoked meats stay moist throughout the smoking process. The cooking area of this smoker is 547.8 square inches with an internal temperature range of 100-degrees Fahrenheit to 400-degrees Fahrenheit.

This particular smoker weighs approximately 50 lbs, which makes it a portable yet sturdy electric analog smoker.

Cooking Surface:

The Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker features a 30 inch electric smokehouse which is perfectly sized to smoke all your favorite meats. It has 3 different removable racks so that you can smoke multiple foods at one time. The removable racks are especially handy if you want to smoke one larger cut of meat (rather than several small and/or thin cuts of meat). All three racks are less than 12″ apart from one another.

Clean Up & Care:

Cleaning up your Masterbuilt pro electric smoker is a cinch! The removable drip pan makes it easy to clean up any spills or drips after you have finished smoking your meats. Clean up can be made even easier by lining the bottom of the smoker unit with aluminum foil before each use. The foil can be discarded after each use and replaced prior to the next use.


Masterbuilt offers a 90 days warranty on any defects that may be detected in the smoker. Things not covered under the warranty include the paint finish coming off (this may happen naturally with use), rust on or in the smoker, or any issues or problems caused by the customer. Be sure to keep your receipt in the event that you need to take advantage of the product’s 90 day warranty. If your product does contain some sort of manufacturer defect, Masterbuilt will repair or replace your smoker free of charge. However, the customer is responsible for covering shipping charges.

Benefits of the Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker:

This particular Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker has some great features that make it a good investment for anyone who wants to get into meat smoking.

  • This smoker is versatile and can be easily adjusted to suit your smoking needs. If you want to smoke one large cut of meat, you can remove 2 of the racks to accommodate the large sized meat. If you would rather smoke several smaller cuts of meat, you can leave all 3 racks in place and smoke everything at once.
  • The built in thermometer is a great feature because it helps ensure that you can easily and accurately monitor the smoker’s internal temperature. This helps prevent overly dried out meat, or undersmoked meat.
  • Assembly is simple and easy; just remove the smoker from the box it is packaged in, unwrap the packing materials, and you are ready to start smoking your meat!
  • This Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse is capable of maintaining internal temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, or temperatures as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • At nearly 50 lbs, this smoker is fairly portable if you need to move it to another location

This is a great product that is sold at a very reasonable price of $145.93 with free shipping and handling. The affordable cost makes this Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker more accessible to those who may not have a large budget, but would like to begin smoking meats and other foods.

Masterbuilt has a decent 90 day warranty which ensures that any defects or issues with the smoker will be addressed by Masterbuilt.

Pros and Cons of the Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker



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Reviews of the Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker:

Customer reviews for the Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker are consistently positive. Most customers of this product would recommend it to others and would purchase it again. There are some customer complaints, but the majority of customers were highly satisfied with their Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse purchase. Complaints about the product were mostly regarding features that the smoker did not have. Some customers did experience issues with internal temperature regulation, and several customers noted that they wished the smoker was capable of reaching temperatures higher than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, Amazon customers gave this smoker 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.


If you are looking to invest in a smoker that won’t break the bank or obliterate your wallet, the Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Analog Smoker might just be the perfect smoker for you and your family! It has all the essential features that any good smoker should have.

It is durable, portable, and reliable. You can count on well flavored, thoroughly smoked meats and foods when you use this Masterbuilt Pro electric smoker. There is a reason why the majority of Amazon customers are in agreement that this is a good smoker to own. Get your Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse smoker and try it for yourself! We do not think you will be disappointed at all!

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3-2-1 Ribs

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Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker

Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker

If you are just beginning to experiment with meat smoking, it can be difficult to know what kind of smoker is the best option for you. You can spend hours browsing the internet for the perfect smoker. However, you may still find yourself confused about what all the features and components do and which ones you really need. If a small and affordable smoker is what you want to get started with, you might want to consider the Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker.

This smoker has many of the same features that more complex and expensive smokers have. However, the price and the practicality of this Masterbuilt 20078616 just cannot be beat! This smoker is an excellent option for novice smokers who want a compact, basic smoker to start out with. Read on to learn more about this great little smoker.

Features of the Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker

The Masterbuilt 20078616 has 395 square feet of interior cooking space. It also has two smoking racks that have been coated in porcelain. The smoking temperature goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This smoker also features a 1,650 watt heating element that provides consistent and even smoking. The lid has a built in temperature gauge for easy temperature monitoring. This smoker also features a removable porcelain coated wood chip tray, a water bowl, and a drip pan. In addition to holding the water, the water bowl also collects grease and other drippings from the smoking meat. The Masterbuilt weights approximately 17.5 lbs. The dimensions of this product are 31.49 x 25.39 x 19.13 inches. There is even a handy hook on the side of the bullet smoker from which you can hang the lid while you are adding or removing your meat. The side handles attached to the smoker make it easy to move around as do the sturdy legs found on the bottom of the product.

Cooking Surface

This bullet smoker has a solid 395 square feet of interior cooking space. This space is perfect for smoking a chicken, large turkey, or even a brisket. You can smoke up to 50 lbs of meat in this smoker at a time. The smoker also features sturdy racks that are durable as a result of being coated in porcelain. These racks will keep your meat right where you want it throughout the duration of the smoking process. A great feature of this smoker is the built in temperature gauge which you can view right from the lid of the smoker. This electric bullet smoker is incredibly compact which makes it easy to store as it takes up a minimal amount of space. You can use the analog controls to adjust your smoker’s temperature. A great thing about this smoker is that it does not require much fuss or hassle. To get it smoking, all you have to do is add water to the water bowl, add wood chips (whatever kind you prefer), plug it in, and set it to the temperature of your choosing. You should check it once after approximately a half an hour, and then it should be good to go! The meat smokes best when you do not cram it into the smoker, but allow it to have enough space so that the smoke is able to fully encompass it with ease. Also, adding too much water to the water tray can delay cooking time. You can control the amount of smoke and moisture with the adjustable air damper.

Care and Clean Up

This smoker is relatively easy to clean although it does not require much in the way of care or cleaning. The bullet smoker can be cleaned by removing the lid and wiping off each rack with a wet paper towel or cloth. You will also want to clean out the water bowl, drip pan, and wood chip tray after each use. These can also be cleaned using a moist towel or cloth. Please note, smoke and particles will eventually build up on the interior of the smoker. Although you can disinfect the smoker after each use, you may find that you are unable to completely remove the residue build-up.

If you choose to keep your smoker outside, you may want to keep it covered with a small grill cover or tarp to prevent wear and tear from weather and other elements. This will help ensure that your smoker continues working properly for a long time. Be sure to use wood chips rather than wood chunks. Chunks will not smoke properly in this Masterbuilt smoker product. You may also find it helpful to presoak your wood chips in water before you begin to smoke them.


Customers can request the warranty through Amazon’s customer service center. When you place the warranty request, Amazon will send the full product warranty summary directly to you.

Benefits of the Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker

  • It is small and compact which makes it easy to store and transport
  • It can be used outdoors in all sorts of weather
  • The smoker has 395 square inches of interior cooking space which is large enough to accommodate a variety of different types of meat
  • The wood chip tray, water bowl, and drip pan are all removable for easy cleaning
  • The smoker provide consistently and even smoking
  • Masterbuilt 20078616 is capable of smoking meats at temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • You can easily monitor the internal temperature by checking the built-in temperature gauge on the smoker’s lid
  • At 17.5 lbs, this smoker is fairly lightweight and easy to transport or move around
  • The low and affordable price of this quality smoker is almost unbeatable!
  • This smoker is so easy to use
  • You do not need charcoal or propane
  • The wood chip tray can be accessed via the front door

Pros and Cons


This smoker is a really great option for anyone who is just getting into meat smoking. It is small and compact yet, roomy enough on the inside for a variety of different types of meat. It has the capability of smoking meats at up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Some customers encountered issues maintaining the internal temperature of the Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker, but that was not a problem encountered by every user. When we tested out this bullet smoker, we were very satisfied with it. It does not have all the bells and whistles that some smokers have, but you really do not miss them with this smoker. This little electric bullet smoker does everything you need it to, and it does it well. With the exception of some challenges accessing the wood chip tray, this smoker is very easy to use. We would recommend this smoker to anyone who needs a very basic and portable smoker.

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