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Cajun Injector Electric Smoker Review – What Makes The Device Unique

Cajun Injector Electric Smoker Review

There is something undeniably special about high-quality smoked meat. The juice retention, flavor, and tenderness associated with smoked meat drives hordes of people to barbecue restaurants and festivals nationwide. If you’re like many Americans, you want to be able to recreate this flavor at home. That’s the source of the market for electric smokers.

You’ve probably seen the pit-bosses behind your favorite BBQ spot with their huge, cast-iron smokers and massive piles of dry wood. You may have even thought to yourself, “There’s no way I could do that at home.”

Electric smokers offer the convenience of an electric cooking appliance but the big, bold flavor of smoked meat. Most electric smokers offer very compact designs and ease of use. The quality produced by a high-quality electric smoker is almost indiscernible from a traditional wood-fired smoking setup.

The Cajun Injector Electric Smoker is a great example of this. The unit is compact, easy to use, and can provide excellent results. In this review, we hope to reveal the best parts of the Cajun Injector electric smoker, the areas that it falls short and show you what makes this device a unique addition to your culinary adventures.

What Makes The Cajun Injector Electric Smoker Unique

The Cajun Injector Electric Smoker is a unique device because of its compactness, it’s ease of use, and the quality of results. 

One of the most attractive functions of the Cajun Injector electric smoker is the “set-and-forget” capabilities. The unit will maintain a pre-determined temperature throughout the duration of the cooking process and will shut off once the timer shits off or a maximum temperature is reached. All of these functions can be setup at the start of cooking.

If you have smoked meat before, you know that one of the most difficult parts of “getting it right’ is

The only major responsibility of the individual preparing a meal using the Cajun Injector electric smoker is to prepare the items ahead of time, such as marinating or brining.

Inside the smoker, you’ll find five grilling racks for convenience. This smoker has no shortage of space, that’s for sure. In addition to the racks, there are hooks for hanging sausages or anything else that cooks better while hung. The racks are chrome-plated and clean easily with just soap and water.

The Cajun Injector electric smoker is insulated beautifully to maintain as much heat with as little fuel as possible. The insulation on this unit is ETL certified by Intertek. This is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.

This electric smoker is fueled by wood pellets. This is great for manipulation of the final flavor in the food you’re cooking. Any type of wood can be used to change the smoky flavor of the final product – including apple, mesquite, hickory, pine and more.

The fuel is fed into a side pellet-chute that can be refilled multiple times throughout the process if you’re cooking slowly. Pellets for smoking can be bought at many retail stores but Cajun Injector actually sells some online as well.

The unit has a temperature range that reaches from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an adequate temperature range for cooking a wide variety of meats as well as vegetables, cheeses, jerky and more.

For cheese specifically, however, the temperature in your smoker should be just a bit lower. The optimal temperature for smoking cheese is about 90 degrees. To get cooler smoker for smoking cheese, there are a few options that you have.

  • Smoke in the winter or at night when the atmospheric temperature is lower
  • Place pans of ice above and below the cheese inside the smoker
  • Use a separate device to create smoke, using your electric smoker only as a chamber
  • Offset the lid slightly

We realize cheese-smoking is probably not your primary reason of interest in an electric smoker, but it is good information to know regardless.

The temperature and timer for the smoker are manipulated via the digital control panel. This feature is very simple to use and even the most technologically-illiterate will have no problem operating this panel.

The unit has two wheels so it is easy to move. All legs and wheels are adjustable so you can make the unit fit just right. The unit also has an adjustable latch on the left side of the door that is easily personalized. Other standard physical features include a drip-tray and firebox.

This smoker is incredibly easy to use. The wheels allow it to be moved quite easily and the side chute for pellets make adding additional fuel throughout the cooking process as easy as filling up a bowl of cereal in the morning. The unit even comes with included instructions and a recipe book full of ideas for easy, delicious smoked food.

The Cajun Injector electric smoker is not just easy to use, it is also incredibly easy to maintain. There is very little maintenance necessary. The interior of the smoke chamber is stainless steel and, as we previously mentioned, the racks clean with just soap and water. If you clean the drip tray after each use, you’re all set!

There are a couple of reported downfalls of the Cajun Injector electric smoker, but they will certainly not deter all potential buyers.

If you are looking for a very large smoker, this smoker may not be ideal. While a lot of meat can be cooked at once, the dimensions do not allow for large pieces of meat. For example, a whole full-sized turkey could not fit into this smoker.

The other most commonly referenced downfall of this unit is the short electric cord. If you’re planning on purchasing this, you may want to consider the closest outlet to where you plan on smoking your food. This problem is easily solved with the use of an extension cord, however.

Pricing of the Cajun Injector Electric Smoker

Pricing of the Cajun Injector electric smoker will probably delight you. The average price point for this unit is between $175-$200. It’s not easy to get a smoker within this price range, especially one that works as effectively as this particular unit does.

A similar, 6-rack electric smoker called the Bradley BTDS108P Digital 6-Rack Smoker, retails for more than double the price of the Cajun Injector smoker. 

canun injector opened door

Those who have purchased the Bradley unit complain about its ability to maintain heat especially in cold or windy environments. The BTDS108P does not have ETL certified insulation. Some users even report that after 9 hours the unit was still unable to reach it’s intended temperature.

A similarly priced electric smoker, the Char-Broil Vertical electric smoker, has only 3 racks and is quite a bit smaller than the Cajun Injector electric smoker. The Char-Broil smoker has no auto-shutoff functionality, an analog thermometer, and no room for hanging inside the smoke chamber.

Other Cajun Injector Electric Smoker Reviews

Because of its relative affordability and ease of use, the Cajun Injector electric smoker is a very popular option for those looking to get that quality, smoky flavor at home.

Generally, consumers are happy with their purchase of this unit, however there are some complaints. We’d like to share some of the most helpful reviews from consumers who have actually used this product.

One purchaser of this product from Amazon shared several positives and a few concerns they have with the unit after owning it for an entire year.

“I have used this 5 times so far, all with great success. In fact cooking riblets right now. Pretty much 99.9% assembled, all I had to do was put the back handle on. First the positives: 1. Temp is right on, I tested it with another thermometer and both read the same. The meat probe also is very accurate. 2. Good size. 3. Side chute for adding chips is very handy, don't have to keep opening the door 4. Outside doesn't get super hot, very well insulated 5. Bradley jerky trays fit in here which is very nice. Now the cons: 1. Chips do not burn a long time, have to add more about every 20 minutes or so 2. Side chute although convenient is pretty tricky to get used to at first, alot of my chips were ending up on the ground. 3. I wish the temp would go up higher, only for when I cook chicken (I finish them on the grill to crisp up the skin)…. The smoker is still going strong. I use it on a weekly basis almost and have had no problems at all. The side chute spring cover did end up breaking, but that was my fault. Easy solution is to put a large ball of foil in it. Of every smoker I have ever owned this is by far my favorite. More than paid off for itself in time and convenience. I own 3 smokers, propane, lil chief and this one. By far this is my favorite for ease of use. I highly recommend this unit. From what I hear it is the same as the masterbuilt. Only addition to this is a product called the amazon smoker that I will be putting with it next week.”

It is important to note that the “set-and-forget” capabilities of this are limited slightly by the amount of wood chips it will hold at one time. It’s a great piece of information that new chips must be added roughly every 20 minutes.

Others who have purchased this smoker, however, have had no complaints. One reviewer, John, purchased his unit three years ago and is still sharing praises of the smoker.

“I’m not sure what the complaints about temp are all about, mine is 3 years old, used a ton, and it keeps temperature within 3 or 4 degrees of where its set, via a quality digital meat thermometer. I got mine for less than $200, and for that price, I can’t ask for a better electric smoker. I have done everything from jerky to snack sticks, to summer sausage, ribs, pork butts, briskets, chicken, and many other smoked goodies. I live in western NY and this unit gets used regularly, right after deer season, outside in temps below zero with no problems. The only complaints I have are the size of the pellet door, but it’s not that bad at all, and the display is a little tough to see on a bright day.”

A blog dedicated to reviewing smokers, Smoker Reviews Ratings, shared a good tidbit on the usefulness of this unit.

“If you’re new to meat smoking or if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require constant monitoring the Cajun Injector Electric Smoker is an excellent choice. Solid construction from a reputable manufacturer and priced under hundreds of dollars make this one worth looking at. It works great for smoking pork, beef, fish and ribs no problem. First timers will be cooking gourmet quality foods right out of the box with this model.”

What We Think About the Cajun Injector Electric Smoker

Cajun Injector / 30 inch Tall Deluxe Smoker Cover
  • Custom tailored for Cajun Injector 30" single door smokers
  • Fits most vertical electric smokers--measures 31" tall x 18" x 16"
  • Durable weather and UV resistant breathable material

Overall, we are quite impressed with this unit. For the price, it would be difficult to find a superior smoker, or even one that matches this quality. This smoker will make wonderful addition to your backyard if you’re looking for a set-and-forget smoker that can smoke enough meat to satisfy your friends and family.

The capacity is enough to feed a small party. You will be able to impress your guests with flavorful meats, vegetables and cheeses with only a small amount of effort on your part. Smoking manually can take years to master, but Cajun Injector has made it easy. Additionally, with an automated smoker like the Cajun Injector electric smoker, you really don’t have a reason to worry about burning or overcooking if you properly utilize the auto-shutoff functionality.

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Review – Benefits Of Owning This Product

Preparing Food Using Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

What do you look for in a high-quality electric smoker? If you have experience with this type of outdoor cooking, then you probably want a smoker that will guarantee your meat will turn out exactly as you desire, without any issues.

If you are new to the smoking technique, you may want to buy a smoker that is easy to use and one that will not make preparing food for a backyard barbecue more complicated than it should be.

As more electric smokers are added to the growing list of available products in the industry, finding the right smoker that suits your needs can be an overwhelming process. This advanced technology allows anyone to prepare amazing smoked meat in their own backyard.

An electric smoker provides us with new ways to experiment with various flavors so that you can find a new favorite meal for yourself and your family. Today’s electric smokers are designed to make the process simple and easy without exposing your food to harmful emissions such as gas or charcoal.

They can also provide you with a precise cooking temperature so that you can prepare meat at any heat level that you desire without the fear of destroying your meal.

Cooking Meal Using Electric Smoker

If you are looking for a quality electric smoker that is strong and reliable enough to be used in professional grilling competitions, you can’t go wrong with the Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker model 30162E. This smoker has a well-built design and plenty of features that make it perfect for both professional and everyday use.

The Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker 30162E

The Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker is a highly durable, easy to use cooker that is designed to last throughout many years of use. The unit comes with parts and components that are easy to replace so that you can depend on the smoker to help you prepare delicious meals for a long time to come.

The build of this professional-grade electric smoker makes it extremely proficient. It has a temperature control system that makes it easy for anyone from a novice to beginner to get the correct temperature for their meat.

Getting the right temperature will help you smoke your meat without error and guarantee that you will always have delicious and tender smoked meat once the process is over.

The temperature gauge on this Smoke Hollow Smoker is always on point and will accurately provide you with a precise readout so that you always know exactly what is going on with your meal.

The end result is a smoker that can effortlessly maintain a proper temperature setting, even if you must open up the entryway during the process.

Why You Should Purchase an Electric Smoker 

If you love the taste of fresh smoked meat or enjoy barbecuing in your backyard, you should consider buying an electric smoker. There are several different smoking methods available for you to consider, including the use of charcoal grills and pellet grills.

These units are still very popular in the industry but there are some consumers who are interested in a high-tech way to use less energy and emit fewer harmful fumes into the air while using a smoker.

Electric smokers are a great option if you are looking for an energy-efficient way to enjoy smoked barbecue. These units will not release harmful emissions into the air such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide like a charcoal or gas grill will do. And they can provide you with the same satisfactory results that you would receive from a traditional smoker.

What Harmful Emissions Are Released from Different Types of Smokers? 

Electric smokers are a clean form of backyard cooking because the only thing that they emit during the smoking process is air. Other sources used for smoking meat are far more dangerous than electric.


The gases that are released from wood-burning smokers include:

Liquids released from wood-burning smokers include:

  • Water Vapor
  • Phenols
  • Creosotes

And Solids that are released from wood-burning smokers include:

  • Char
  • Creosote
  • And Ash

The gases that are released from wood-burning smokers include:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitrogen Oxides
  • Acids
  • Alcohols
  • Aromatic Polymers

Liquids released from wood-burning smokers include:

  • Water Vapor
  • Phenols
  • Creosotes

And Solids that are released from wood-burning smokers include:

  • Char
  • Creosote
  • And Ash


Gases released from charcoal-burning smokers include:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitrogen Oxides
  • Polymers

Solids released by charcoal-burning smokers include:

  • Char
  • Ash

And Liquids released by charcoal-burning smokers include


Gas Powered Smoker

Gas-powered smokers release gases such as Carbon Dioxide into the air and they can also release liquids such as water vapors.

An electric smoker is an alternate source of energy for those who want to smoke meat at home without causing harm to the environment. An electric smoker can provide you with the same delicious results as a charcoal or gas-powered smoker, all without the unwanted hazards.

Electric smokers have no need to give off harmful emissions to create amazing food. And, they can also help you make delicious smoked meat in less time.

Setting Up Your Modern Electric Smoker

All you need to do is set it up one time by inputting your desired temperature and the amount of time you want the meat to smoke. Then let the smoker do its magic. There is no need to adjust the settings or check on the food while it is cooking. When the timer goes off, your food will be ready to eat.

You can use an electric smoker to prepare all types of food including fish, ribs, vegetables, steak or salmon. It may take some time to learn how all the features work or how to decide on the precise temperature and time to input into the settings.

But once you have mastered those skills you will be able to prepare any type of smoked food that you want with very little effort.

With innovative modern features such as remote controls and Bluetooth technology, you have the ability to control an electric smoker from any area. These added features let you know when your food is ready to be served and help you to create high-quality main dishes that are sure to be a hit at any upcoming backyard get-together you have planned.

The Benefits of Owning a Smoke Hollow Product

There are many great benefits to owning a Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker, including…

  • The Strong Design

The design of this particular smoker makes it stand out among its competitors. The strong construction proves that this unit is capable of maintaining heat while the detachable remote control makes it easy for you to keep track of everything no matter where you may be located.

With this design, Smoke Hollow brings together the necessities of smokers and grillers with the modern conveniences of today’s high-tech cooking tools.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

The Smoke Hollow Smoker is easy to clean. It features replaceable parts that you can obtain without a hassle, and they are guaranteed to last for years to come. Many owners of electric smokers have a hard time finding replacement parts when their unit becomes damaged. And that makes the unit even more desirable.

  • Compact Design

This smoker has a compact design which makes it easy to store and place out of the way when it is not in use. The unit measures 16”X14”X30” making it one of the smallest options in the industry.

All You Need to Know About the Smoke Hollow Brand

Smoke Hollow has designed high-value cookers since 2005. They have manufactured several vertical bureau style gas smokers that are similar to Masterbuilt and Brinkman models in terms of function and price. Their larger gas smokers include a variety of features such as jerky racks, wiener holders, and a two-sided rib rack.

Smoke Hollow Brand

The company also makes a tall 30” electric smoker, which is a balance smoker as well as a gas and charcoal combination. It can flame broil meats and smoke them evenly by using the counterbalanced firebox that is located on the charcoal side of the unit.

The Smoke Hollow brand is owned by Outdoor Leisure Products. All of their cookers are Made in China. They are sold online and in stores such as Gander Mountain and Sam’s Club.

Who Should Use the Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker 30162E?

The Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker 30162E is designed for use in the competitive circuit by professionals. But it can also be a very useful cooker for anyone who wants to enjoy smoked meat at home. However, this smoker is designed with some of the most advanced features in the industry, and therefore it is recommended that it be used by those who have at least some knowledge of how to properly smoke meat.

Suitable For Professional Grillers

The Smoke Hollow 30162E is a smoker and section-level grill cooker. The unit was designed for open-air smoking and grilling. The cooking area can suit a 5 lb. brisket, two or three whole chickens, and even a large turkey. It has two-fold steel protected dividers so that you may prepare multiple types of meat at once.

The dividers are impenetrable and can help keep different cooking temperatures separated if needed. This makes the Smoke Hollow 30162E capable of use during all types of seasonal weather conditions. You don’t have to wait until Spring or Summer temperatures to enjoy the special backyard flavor that you can only get from a quality electric smoker.

This product is considered to be suitable for professional grillers and smokers who are interested in competing against other grillers in their region. If you are looking for a simple electric smoker that you will be able to use with very little instruction, this may not be the right product for you.

How Well Does It Work?

The Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker isn’t difficult to operate for those who are already familiar with how a smoker functions. There are three temperature settings that help you take control of the heat level. And the unit is powered by a 1,500-watt warming component that is sufficient for smoking practically any type of meat you want including fish and poultry. The unit receives a good amount of smoke from the warming component. And the smoke box helps keep the heat flowing continuously by lighting the wood every thirty minutes.

The Pros and Cons of The Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker 

Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable...
  • Electric smoker for outdoor cooking of meat, vegetables, and more
  • Painted-steel wood-chip box; porcelain-coated steel water pan
  • 2 cooking grids; 3 temperature settings; magnetic door-latching system

No matter how great a product may seem, there will always be some consumers who are disappointed with one or more features. Here are the most common pros and cons mentioned by those who own the Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker that will help you decide which product is the right choice for you.

The Good

The Bad

The Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker is manufactured to last for many years. It has a sturdy and secure outer core and all the features that you need to produce amazing smoked or grilled meat. The exterior of the unit is made of strong steel and helps prevent any temperature changes outside the unit.

The temperature gauge can help you keep a watchful eye on what’s happening inside the unit without you ever needing to open it up.

The operation of the unit is amazing. It is far more advanced than many other models thanks to the high-temperature steel wood chip box and the porcelain covered steel water dish.

This electric smoker sits on top of metal legs that help keep it level and balanced during the cooking process. It also makes it easier to access the entryway to add various food items.

There are very few things that customers are dissatisfied about while using the Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker. However, some owners have stated that after it has been used several times smoke begins to come out the unit in various places. That can make it more difficult to keep the interior of the unit at the desired temperature.





Is the Electric Smoker the Right Cooker for You?

There are many things about the Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker that make it a great choice for the barbecue enthusiast. It has a strong and durable design which means it is built to last. And it has many great features that allow you to cook a broad range of meats and vegetables exactly how you want them.

While it may be a great electric smoker for a novice user, those who are just getting started with smokehouse techniques may want to consider a different model to test their skills on.

Cabela’s Pellet Grill Review – The Benefits Of The Pro Series

Cabela’s is a brand that is synonymous with the Great Outdoors. Anyone who loves hunting wild game or fishing for prize-winning Bass and Trout are sure to love cooking fresh meat on the grill. The two lifestyles come together well and therefore it is no big surprise that the industry leader in hunting and fishing gear decided to create a couple of pellet grills to add to their line of outdoor cooking equipment.

If you are familiar with Cabela’s you already know that they are well-known for being a high-quality and trusted brand. But that doesn’t mean that the brand is capable of designing perfect products in every single category.

While there are some users who are very pleased with their Cabela’s grill, others have left less-than-impressive reviews on the product.

Take the time to learn more about Cabela’s Pellet Grills and decide for yourself If you feel they are the right outdoor grill for you.

Cabela’s Pro Series Elliptical Pellet Grills

Cabela’s Pro Series Elliptical Pellet Grills are available with two different cooking area sizes so that you can buy a grill that will accommodate your serving needs. Whether you need to grill a small amount of meat for the family or a lot for a neighborhood get-together, you can find the right pellet grill by choosing either one of these fine products.

Cabela's Pro Series 24" Elliptical Pellet Grill

Cabela's Pro Series 24" Elliptical Pellet Grill





The Cabela’s Pro Series Elliptical grills are available with 24” and 36” of grilling space. That equals 671 square foot of space for the 24” grill and 1,016 square foot of space for the 36” grill.

Amazing Features for Cabela’s Pellet Grill

The Pro Series Elliptical Pellet Grills have exclusive features that one would expect from a brand like Cabela’s.

Cabela's Pro Series 36" Elliptical Pellet Grill

Cabela's Pro Series 36" Elliptical Pellet Grill





There is an open-flame sear station with exterior control knob so that you can sear various types of meat quickly and easily.

The digital control center with included meat probe is easy to use and allows you to control the precise temperature of your meat.

There is a large sight glass located on the barrel of the grill, so you can keep an eye on your food without losing any necessary heat by raising the lid.

The large capacity hopper is essential for this wood pellet fueled grill and allows users to add as much flavor as they desire.

Each grill includes an adjustable, removable, upper cooking rack so that you can add more meat or sides to your grill.

The Benefits of the Pro Series Elliptical Pellet Grills by Cabela's

These impressive pellet grills are capable of doing everything you want to your favorite type of meat. From smoked venison to seared beef and everything in between, you will constantly find something new you can do with this quality Cabela’s pellet grill.

Pro Series Elliptical Grills By Cabela's

The high-quality grill features professional-grade controls and technology, all at a price that anyone can afford.

The control knob located at the sear station allows the user to switch from cooking over a direct flame to an indirect flame in seconds. Use this feature to easily slow cook ribs or brisket to keep the meat tender and juicy.

Both units feature a large window that helps you keep an eye on your grilling masterpiece, all without opening the grill door. This means that no heat has to be released to see what is going on with your food.

The digital control center is very easy to use. It comes with a metal probe to assist with maintaining the correct internal temperature. And if you need to make an adjustment, you can easily change the heat from as low as 180 degrees Fahrenheit for slow cooking, up to 500 degrees for impressive open-flame roasting.

Preparing Food Using Cabela's

The cooking space features an adjustable, removable cooking rack that can be used to add on extra meat or veggies. Of you can remove the upper rack to make room for a whole chicken or turkey.

Both Cabela’s grills are powered by wood 

pellets that give the meat it’s smoky flavor using all-natural hardwood. Add the pellets to the extra-large hopper to keep the meat cooking longer without any interruptions.

Other benefits for this line of pellet grills include long lasting cooking racks coated in porcelain, a side shelf area that can be used for meal prep, and vacuum ash clean out that makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

The History of Pellet Grills

If you are new to the world of pellet burning grills then you are not alone. There are many avid grillers who haven’t used a pellet grill in the past. If you have heard about the benefits of using a pellet grill, and would like to learn more about them, you have come to the right place. Let us help you make the best decision on whether or not a pellet grill is the best choice for you.

Pellet Grills History

Pellet Smokers and Grills were invented slightly by accident. In the early 1980s, Traeger Heating came up with a residential heating system that worked by burning small wood pellets.

The pellets were about the size of a pill capsule and were made from compressed sawdust. Since sawdust was a by-product of local lumber mills, there would be an ample supply available for families who wanted this alternate form of heating in their homes.

Sales went well up until the end of Winter, and Traeger had to come up with something else to help his company make up for the seasonal loss. The owner of the company came up with the idea for a grill that could burn the same wood pellets he used with his home heating system. That would help keep his business functioning all throughout the warmer seasons.

After a few successful years, there were dozens of imitation pellet grills showing up. At the time, the technology only allowed the grills to have three heat settings, low, medium, and high. There was no metal probe for determining the interior temperature of the meat either.

So, if you were smoking a large slab of meat, you only had the heat from the pellets to rely on. There was no way to tell what the actual temperature was and figuring out the right amount of cooking time was also difficult.

These days, pellet grills have greatly improved and now feature all types of innovative technology that make preparing grilled or smoked dishes much easier. You can cook with confidence knowing that your brisket or smoked salmon will not be overcooked.

While not all grills are perfect, most that have modernized features will perform quite well and allow you to enjoy the taste of fresh grilled or smoked meat in your own backyard.

Is it a Pellet Smoker or a Pellet Grill?

Is It A Pellet Grill Or A Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are often referred to as pellet smokers, and vice versa. Which can be confusing for those who don’t know much about these cookers. They are often advertised as being both a grill and a smoker, but that isn’t exactly true. They could be better described as an indirect-heat convection smoker instead of a grill.

That’s because most pellet smokers do not do a fair enough job of searing steaks as a gas or charcoal grill. Which means that you won’t get the same results when you use this product strictly as a grill.

If you want to use your pellet smoker as a grill, then you have the option to add a griddle to the smoker and use it on high heat. You will need to add a few drops of oil to the grill grates, but the meat will only have to stay on one side for around two or three minutes before it is ready to serve.

What to Consider When Buying a Pellet Grill

If you are interested in purchasing Cabela’s Pellet Smoker or any other similar product, it is a good idea to learn more about the necessary features you should look out for. Buying a grill that has these advantages will help you create delicious, juicy and tender meats each and every time you use your pellet grill.

Which is the best pellet grill? There could be several correct answers to that question, depending on who you ask. If you ask someone who has worked with professional-grade grills for many years and owned various pellet grills, they may have a different answer than another individual who has only used a pellet grill for a few months.

That doesn’t mean either answer is wrong just because they are different. The best pellet grill for you may be one that is simple to use and easy to care for. While the best for your neighbor may be one that can grill, sear, and smoke different cuts of meat.

Instead of choosing the best pellet grill is based on online reviews, perhaps you should think about which pellet grill is the best option for you.

Here are a few things that you should think about before you purchase your new pellet grill.

Affordable Vs. Cheap Pellet Grills

We all love to get a great deal, but when you pay a discounted price on an item and it doesn’t work the way you intended, did you really save any money? While there a few inexpensive pellet grills that cost less than their competitive products, they are not the same as cheap, low-quality pellet grills.

If you are buying a grill on a tight budget, and still want to purchase a good quality product, look for affordable models of pellet grills made by companies that you trust, such as Cabela’s, Masterbuilt, and Yoder.

  • Find a Grill with H​igh-Quality Construction

To guarantee that you make a good investment with your pellet grill purchase, you will want to buy a product that is designed to last for years to come. Look for grills that are made of quality materials such as heavy gauge steel. If the cooker looks as if it will fall apart if it is used too often, it isn’t the best choice for you.

Give the grill a good look over, open the lid, check out the grates and get a good feel of it before you convince yourself to buy. This will give you a good idea of how strong and sturdy the product truly is.

  • Choose a Grill with Excellent Temperature Range

The best thing about modern electric smokers and grills is that they have a broader temperature range for you to work with. You no longer have to guess if your spare ribs will turn out best on Low or Medium heat. Instead, set the grill precisely at 225 or 335 degrees Fahrenheit for a more accurate temperature.

When you have better control over the temperature range, you will have more control over how tender and juicy the final product is and prevent overcooking at the same time.

  • Pay Attention to the Size and Cooking Area

Do you plan to use your new grill for small family dinners, or do you want to use it to host large legendary summer parties? The way you plan to use your grill will help you determine what size of grill you should buy and what the cooking area should be.

Cabela’s Pellet Grill is available in two sizes, 24” and 36”. Each one provides a specific amount of cooking space, so you can purchase a smaller grill if you don’t plan on hosting any major parties, or a larger grill if you are considering using it in an upcoming competition.

Is the Cabela’s Pro Series Elliptical Pellet Grill the Right Choice For You?

It can be difficult to determine if a pellet grill is the right choice for your backyard just by looking at an image on your laptop. That is why if possible, you should visit a Cabela’s location near you and get an up close look at the Pro Series Elliptical Grill.

Take the time to learn more about the grill and how strong and durable it really is before you invest in it. And if you feel that the Cabela’s Pellet Grill isn’t the best option for you, there are plenty of other pellet smokers and grills available for you to choose from.

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