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The Ultimate Review Of The Old Smokey Electric Smoker

a picture of the old smokey electric smoker

If you don’t like the idea of constantly checking for the fuel supply while cooking, then the Old Smokey electric smoker is for you. This highly durable aluminized steel smoker has an adjustable heat control and allows you to cook like a pro.

Be it beef, chicken, fish or pork, you will get juicy, tender, smoky and scrumptious meat perfect for any celebration. The delectable taste is achieved by the flat top that makes the juices fall back onto the meat. While cooking, the automatic slow-cooking will let you socialize with your guests while the food gets ready to be devoured.

Outstanding features of Old Smokey Electric Smoker:

Let’s have a look at brilliant features of Old Smokey Electric Smoker:

1. Sealed lid

The best feature of Old Smokey Electric Smoker is that it comes with a sealed lid that does not allow any of the meat’s juice to fall outside of the smoker. Furthermore, it ensures the steam and heat stay inside, and the juices fall back on the meat to give it a juicy and enhanced taste.

2. Electric heating system

You do not have to worry about cooking outdoors, unlike with charcoal smokers. Plus, you can also use it indoors. Being that it’s electric, it doesn’t leave any leftover ash. Furthermore, you only have to plug it in to start it.

3. Adjustable temperature

Using Old Smokey electric smoker allows you to adjust the heat, so you cook all types of meat that require different temperatures.

The Perks of Buying Old Smokey Electric Smoker:

An Old Smokey electric smoker ensures your meat stays tender and juicy. I have been using it for years to make the tastiest meat that all my guests, husband, and kids love. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can enjoy by purchasing Old Smokey Electric Smoker:

  • It might cost you more than charcoal smoker but when it comes to electric smokers, the Old Smokey Electric Smoker is the most affordable one.
  • It is easy to assemble and operate. You need to simply plug it in to start.
  • It is manufactured with corrosion resistant aluminized steel which makes it highly durable.
  • Since it has an electric heating system, it can also be used indoors.
  • No charcoal has to be used for heating, you can save up on the cost.
  • The sealed lid allows perfect distribution of heat and the meat is cooked with no loss steam or heat.
  • It allows you to adjust its temperature and you do not have to monitor the temperature after every hour.

Pros and Cons

Old Smokey Electric smoker is most sought after smoker because it has superior attributes that set it apart from other smokers on the market:


What Customers Are Saying ?

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Tips to use Old Smokey Electric Smoker

You don’t need any formal training to operate it. Once you use it once or twice, you can operate it and understand how it works. Here are some tips you must consider:

  • Read the user manual carefully and imply all the precautionary measures
  • Make sure your kids and pets do not try to use it or stand too close to the Electric smoker when it is in use.
  • Do try out a new recipe yourself first before making it for guests
  • Keep it at a safe place when not in use.
  • Clean the electric smoker regularly to maintain high performance
  • If you need to be away for a longer time than adjust the cooking temperature accordingly so that slow cooking takes place
  • Make sure all parts are working well and if not get a replacement
  • Do not close the lid too tightly and leave a very little space for air to escape so that there is no condensation building up inside the smoker
  • Use a pressure washer for cleaning. You can also use vinegar or lemon for proper cleaning purposes.

Reasons You Should Buy An Electric Smoker

If you’re shopping around for a new smoker, and you’re still undecided on whether you should get an electric one, here are a few incentives:

Electric Smokers Are Best For Newbies

Smoking meat is an art, and not many people can perfect it—especially with traditional smokers. However, if you’re just getting the hang of grilling, an electric unit is a good choice. It’s not complicated to use, and it doesn’t require a lot of skill. Simply set the thermostat to your desired temperature and let the machine do all the work. You don’t have to deal with charcoal or ensure that the flames are burning perfectly—it’s fantastic.

Safe To Use During A Burn Ban

Depending on where you live, your state might enforce a burn ban—especially during the summer. Therefore, having an electric allows you to be able to eat grilled meat without running the risk of violating the law. Not to mention, if you reside in an apartment, the property usually doesn’t allow charcoal grills. But again, an electric smoker gives you the luxury of smoking food without causing a fire hazard.

The Price

Compared to most units, digital electric smokers are more affordable. Not only are they cheaper, but they provide good value for the cost, and they generally last for a long time. The amount of money you spend on a smoker doesn’t determine how well it’ll perform. So, do some research and read a few reviews before making a purchase and you should be fine.

Great For Cold Smoking

Electric smokers provide versatility if you’re interested in cooking different kinds of food. For instance, if you want to smoke cheese, veggies, fish, or even sweets, electric units are your best bet. Just buy a cold smoker attachment for your unit, and you’ll be good to go.

Simple To Operate

There’s not a lot of guesswork when it comes to an electrical unit. All you have to do is fill the tray with water, put in a few wood chips, set the thermostat, plug it in and let it be—it’s that simple.

Final Thoughts On The Old Smokey Electric Smoker

The Old Smokey electric smoker is a lifetime companion that will make your guests appreciate your cooking skills and will make sure your kids love to eat different kinds of meat. Plus, you can leave the grill and go out shopping while the meat cooks.

An Old Smokey electric smoker does not corrode easily and hence stays for a long time. In short, you should try it because you will surely love it. It doesn’t require you to know a lot about grilling, and it makes your food taste as if you’ve been a grill master for years.

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