How Using an Offset Char Broil Smoker Will Produce Juicy, Savory Ribs

Smoking meat is a great way to add flavor and lock in the moisture for juicy, delicious meals. Just about any meat, as well as some vegetables and cheeses, can be smoked. But when you talk about grilling or smoking meat, one of the first foods that comes to mind for many people is ribs.intro-2

These instructions and the following video will give you tips and tricks to help you learn to use a Char Broil Smoker to make perfectly seasoned and smoked ribs. You can also visit the Char-Broil website for recipes and recommendations for using the Char Broil Offset Smoker. If you need an offset smoker to do steps in this guide, check out our review of the Char Broil American Gourmet.


Use a dry rub to season the ribs. Let them soak up the flavors overnight, taking in all the spices and flavoring in the rub (or marinade if that’s what you prefer.


For this specific smoker and to cook ribs, the goal temperature is 225 degrees. It is best to check the temperature maximums for the specific offset smoker that you will be using. Cook time will also vary depending on what you are cooking. As with any meat, check the internal temperature before consuming any meat products.


It is important when smoking meat, to keep moisture content in mind and spray the meat frequently. He is using apple juice in this instance, but other liquids (e.g. beer, wine, fruit juice, etc.) can be used to add flavor as well as moisture to keep the ribs both flavorful and juicy.


After about three hours, he wraps the ribs in foil with more apple juice (or whatever liquid you are using for your ribs). Water is added to help even out and stabilize the temperature inside the smoker. It can also slow the cooking to let more fat melt off, while the condensation gives the smoke something jut sticky enough to hang onto.

Char Broil Smoker

After about 2 more hours, remove the foil and return the ribs to the cooking surface.


Start adding more wood to the firebox to increase the smokiness and the influence of the type of wood on the flavor. Some grillers and smokers will say that where the wood comes from means more to flavor than the type of wood being used.


After giving them another full hour to soak up the smoke and flavor, he is giving them a coat of barbeque sauce. He is using his own recipe here; you, of course, could use your own sauce or any of the wide variety available to buy in stores and online.


These may be a little dry and over done. As with anyone, it will take some time getting used to using a new smoker, like the Char Broil smoker, and/or working with different types of meat. Remember to always check the internal temperature to make sure it is thoroughly cooked and safe to eat.

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