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Memphis Grills Review: An Entire Kitchen In One Cooking Station

Memphis Grills Review: An Entire Kitchen in One Cooking Station

In the world of grills, Memphis Grills is known for producing some of the top-of-the-line grills. Specifically, Memphis Grills has a spectacular reputation for their smokers.

In this guide, we’d like to take a moment and discuss some of the unique qualities of various Memphis Grills electric smokers, the price point of smokers by Memphis Grills, and help you better decide if a Memphis Grills electric smoker meets your needs.

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There is nothing like high-quality, smoked meats cooked right in the comfort of your yard. Memphis Grills employ a technology unique from most other grills and smokers and offer some of the most diverse cooking stations on the market.

Memphis Grills use something coined ITC, or Intelligent Temperature Control, allowing the user to establish a consistent cooking temperature between 180 degrees Fahrenheit and 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Memphis Grills are wood pellet-fueled.

Like many electric smokers, Memphis Grills are wood-fired. This gives food cooked on the grills, “Pure, unforgettable flavor.”

In fact, one of the most attractive features of a Memphis Grill is that it uses wood, a renewable fuel source, as fuel. Cooking with wood as fuel is the earliest technological cooking innovations. We’ve now created new and more efficient cooking technologies including gas grills, and electric ovens and stovetops. Why then, do so many modern culinary experts still return to wood-fired grills? The taste is simply better.

Roman pizzas, steaks at high-end metropolitan steakhouses, and of course the best barbecue in the south, is all cooked over wood. Why not bring that same methodology to your own backyard?

What Makes Memphis Grills Unique

Memphis Grills employ a different kind of technology than other, more traditional smokers. Memphis grills are some of the top of the line electric smokers on the market. But that’s just it – they aren’t just smokers. 

Memphis grills are not just for cooking meats either. Because of the Intelligent Temperature Control, the cooking chambers is similar to an oven. The ITC system monitors the temperature and automatically feeds more wood pellets when needed. Memphis Grills can smoke, grill and bake almost anything.

If you’re looking for a true set-and-forget cooking setup, you couldn’t find many grills that are easier than a Memphis Grill.

Memphis Grill’s set-and-forget capabilities include

  • Closely monitoring the internal cooking chamber temperature
  • Automatically feeding pellets to create a highly-consistent cooking temperature
  • Adjusting airflow and ensuring proper heat distribution automatically using electric convection fans
  • Automatically lowering the cooking temperature after your food is done to avoid overcooking and keep your meal warm in the meantime
  • Push notifications on your WiFi-enabled device to let you know when your food is cooked to perfection

Preparing foods with the flavor of wood-fire is typically a fairly time consuming process. Memphis Grills allow you to initiate the cooking process and then sit back and relax. It’d even be feasible to cook while you’re asleep with a Memphis Grill.

The best smoked meats always have a crispy, sear on the outside and tender, juicy meat on the inside. Searing is commonly overlooked when smoking meats at home, especially with lower end grills or smokers. Searing should take place early on in the cooking process and requires temperatures between 500-700 degrees.

Luckily, Memphis Grills can reach these temperatures and can give you a perfect sear every time. It’s integrated right into the set-and-forget system of the units. The lowest-end model grill by Memphis Grills, the Memphis Advantage, has a temperature range of 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degree Fahrenheit. This is certainly adequate for searing.

Memphis Grills

Searing is not the only unique capabilities of a Memphis Grill, however. In addition to being a grill and a smoker, all Memphis Grill products can also act as a convection over – a true convection oven. What does that mean?

Convection cooking is achieved using mechanical fans to circulate the air inside a traditional oven having two heating elements – one on the top and one on the bottom. A true convection oven is different from a standard convection over, in that it has a third-heating element along with the fan – so the fan blows heated air.

A convection oven achieves cooking quicker and more evenly than a standard oven and a true convection oven takes temperature uniformity even further. Products by Memphis Grill can roast and bake perfectly – just like the oven in your home. 

According to Memphis Grills, their units can be used to cook anything.

“Anything you can bake inside, we can bake outside; bread, pizza, cookies, pie – yes pie. (Ever had a pecan pie with just a hint of smoke? Your taste buds haven’t lived until you have.) Don’t be afraid to try cooking old recipes in a new way, it will bring out flavors you didn’t know existed!”

Memphis Grills utilize their unique wood-pellet cooking system in several different ways. The units can smoke, grill over direct or indirect flame, and bake or roast as in a convection oven. You don’t need a rotisserie!

Pricing of Memphis Grills

Because of the impressive features of the products offered by Memphis Grill, you’re probably curious to know what their price point is like. These are luxury products, and the price reflects that.

All models produced by Memphis Grill are available in several formats depending on where you intend to use it. The units are offered in a “cart model,” as a “built-in,” and as an “outdoor kitchen with built-in.” Each of these has a different purpose so you’ll want to consider your specific needs if you plan on purchasing a Memphis Grill.

The cart model is a standalone unit that can be used in your own backyard or be transported somewhere else. If you’re imagining a high-end grill at a birthday party, family reunion, or any other event that would require you to take a grill along, the cart model of a Memphis Grill is something you’ll want to consider.

The built-in models of the various Memphis Grill units are prepped and ready to be inserted as a built-in in your existing outdoor kitchen. These models have no base or wheels. Once a built-in Memphis Grill unit is positioned it is mostly permanent.

Lastly, Memphis Grills offers a final variant of their units. A slight alteration of the standard built-in editions, Memphis Grills offers a built-in with outdoor kitchen model. These units have the same grills as the built-in models but come pre-placed in a fully-assembled outdoor kitchen complete with three stainless steel sliding drawers, weather-tight cabinets, and a full-stainless steel countertop. An optional, elevated bar countertop can also be added if you plan on entertaining right from your outdoor kitchen.

Memphis Grills sells Advantage, Advantage Plus, Pro, and Elite models of their grills in order of pricing respectively, beginning with the Advantage. Only the Elite and Pro models are offered as built-ins and with the outdoor kitchen as well as in a cart model. The Advantage and Advantage Plus are only offered as cart models.

Pricing of the Advantage and Advantage Plus is either $2,599 or $2,799 respectively. The only difference between the two is that the Advantage Plus model has an enclosed cart bottom that can be used for storage while the standard Advantage model is open on the bottom of the cart.

The next most expensive model from Memphis Grill is the Pro model. The Memphis Grills Pro is priced at $3,599 for both the cart model and the built in model.

Memphis Grills Pro Wood Fire Pellet Smoker Grill Wi-Fi (VG0001S),...
  • Freestanding wood pellet smoker grill
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 18-pound capacity hopper offers up to 62 hours of cook time; Temperature range between 180 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit





The Elite model by Memphis Grill is their top of the line grill. It is priced at $4,699 as a built-in model ir $4,999 as a cart model. The Memphis Elite is equipped with

Memphis Elite Wood Fire Grill Wood Pellet BBQ
  • Intelligent Temperature Control with WiFi
  • Easily check your food from home, work, or your car from Free Memphis Grill App
  • Double Walled, Sealed 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 180 degree Fahrenheit to 700 degree Fahrenheit temperature range
  • Intelligent temperature control with Wi-Fi
  • Double-walled, sealed stainless steel exterior
  • Indirect and direct flame cooking modes
  • Dual, stainless steel convection fans
  • Oven-grade sealing gasket
  • Under-cart storage with stainless steel doors (cart model only)
  • 24 lb. dual wood chip hopper so you can experiment with mixing different types of wood flavor
  • Sold standard with direct flame insert, genie tool, one meat probe, and a free 20lb bag of pellets





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Memphis Grills employ a unique technology from most other grills and smokers you'll find. It offers some of the most diverse cooking stations in the market. It utilizes their unique wood-pellet cooking system in which it can smoke, grill over direct or indirect flame, and bake or roast as in a convection oven. Each of these products has a different purpose so you’ll want to consider your specific needs if you plan on purchasing a Memphis Grill.

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