Properly Utilize the Space with Kitchen Space Planning

The kitchen is the most important part of your home. And this is why a proper plan of action is required when you go on to build this beautiful part of your house. And believe it or not, working in a planned kitchen is bliss. So how do you get this bliss while cooking and completing your busy cooking chores? Spacing your kitchen the right way is the answer. Proper planning for the storage, place for appliances and your work station is the answer. And how do you achieve these goals? It is very easy! Follow the tips and the next time you cook, it will be a wonderful experience.

Kitchen Space Planning Tips to Follow

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  • Storage – The first thing on your list!

Storage space planning is the foremost and the most vital part of your kitchen. The storage space plan will tell you beforehand as to how your kitchen would look like. The best idea for a planned storage is to go for the galley kitchen. The cabinets can be of a great use and can make your kitchen look really stylish. These cabinets come in various styles and designs. If you are planning for a luxurious kitchen space, the wood ranges from oak to rosewood and much more. This would help you store your unused and big utensils efficiently. So you can get both the stylish look as well as the storage space with this plan.

  • Want to make your kitchen space lively? Kitchen Island is the option!

Kitchen Island is a trend setting add-on to your kitchen space. Make sure you keep it in the list while you plan your kitchen space. This can work both as a station for the preparation of your meal and can make your kitchen more interactive. The kitchen island can be used as a snacks or brunch area for your family which makes your kitchen lively and happy. This space will also serve as a storage space if added with cabinets and drawers. In simple words this inclusion in your kitchen world will prove to be your best companion while cooking!

  • Placement of the appliances must be on your priority list!

The place for the appliances must be decided very efficiently depending on the need of the appliance. The appliance like refrigerator must be kept in good reach for all the family members. The best place to keep your refrigerator is to adjust it between the dining area and the kitchen if possible. This will make your refrigerator accessible to all the members and visitors as well in case of a celebration. The ideal place for the dishwasher is just next to the sink so that you don’t spill the dirty water on the kitchen floor after cleaning the leftovers.

The time is left far behind when showing off the appliances was a thing of pride. Today, the appliances are very well kept inside the cupboards so as to consume less space. Thus, these are some ground rules to arrange the placement of your kitchen appliances and you may go ahead with the placement of other appliances based on the same perspective of functionality.

Thus, the actual ground rule is: Functionality. And once you keep this in mind and plan everything else will fall in place.

  • The proper spacing of the two work counters

This is a very important aspect which if done properly will ease your work and if messed up would make your time in kitchen no less than a nightmare. According to the experts, the proper spacing that must be kept between to work counters is 1-1.2 m. This will help you avoid getting hurt as it will give you enough space to move around in the kitchen. The space is also very much necessary to give you the proper spacing of opening drawers and cabinet doors. It is very much important to keep in mind this spacing pattern.

  • Trendy and proper illumination

The proper lighting of the kitchen is very much important as it makes your kitchen look brighter and adds to a happy working atmosphere. Lighting is even the most important thing if your kitchen space is a smaller one as it makes your kitchen space look bigger. The best place to set the lights is beneath the overhead cabinets. This will help illuminate your work station and make things look a bit brighter. You can choose from the variety of trendy lighting styles and designs to suit the dream look for your kitchen.

  • Hiring a Kitchen decorator?

This is an option to go for if you find no time in your busy schedule to plan for your kitchen. However, you must keep in mind the fact that the kitchen decorator is there to help you out with the planning and this is why you must be able to tell your decorator your needs and vision of how you want your kitchen to look like. Hiring an expert will give you the relief from choosing and looking into all kinds of details as the expert will do that for you. So, go ahead and hire the best decorator who seems compatible with your ideas!

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