Rec Tec 680 Review: Everything You Should Know

Rec Tec 680 Review

Just one look at the Rec Tec 680 Wood Pellet Grill and you will know that this is a barbecue grill that is ready to take on anything you can throw at it. But this product has more than a touch exterior image.

The bright orange-red pellet grill may not have any revolutionary features that set it high above its competitors, but it came on the scene with an extraordinary ad campaign and a price that has many people wondering how the brand does it.

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The RT-680 features solid construction and an attractive design. It is a good pellet grill that performs similar to those that cost twice or three times as much.

But is the right wood pellet grill for you?

The Key Features of the Rec Tec 680

This pellet grill works really well and is able to produce amazingly tender and juicy meat thanks to the precise temperature control with five degree increment adjustments available.

The Rec Tec 680 has 702 square inches of cooking space. You never have to worry about not having enough space for all the burgers, ribs or steaks that you plan to grill.

It has a temperature range that is between 180 up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The grill has a rear mounted pellet hopper that is easy to access even when food is cooking. This hopper has a 40 lb. weight capacity allowing you to add tons of wood pellets for ultimate flavor enhancement.

The cooking grates are made from premium stainless steel rods.

The exterior of the grill is all steel powder coated construction.

There is one interior light allowing you to barbecue even late at night.

It costs approximately $$$ according to the company’s official website. While it is close to a grand, that is still much more affordable than many other wood pellet grills currently available. And there are hardly any grills that are as durable and long-lasting as the RT-680 that cost so little.

This product is Made in China and assembled here in the U.S.A.

The Pros and Cons of the RT-680 Grill

While it is good to hear about all the positive aspects of this grill, it is just as important that potential buyers learn about the things that have offset some consumers and caused them to leave negative remarks.


  • Precision temperature controller
  • A large hopper capacity
  • A large cooking capacity


  • No wood pellet hopper release feature
  • Fire pot cannot be removed for cleaning
  • Tedious cleaning and maintenance
  • Difficult to use

Everything You Should Know About the RT-680 Wood Pellet Grill

The team behind the Rec Tec brand got started with their affordable and inventive grills because they wanted to create an outdoor barbecue product that would function temperature-wise in the same way that your kitchen oven functions. This led them to creating a pellet grill which is the closest thing that the outdoor cooking industry has to a traditional oven.

What is a Pellet Grill?

Pellet grills are cookers that are controlled by a computer. These grills electronically feed small wood pellets into a fire pot. Then a fan is used to increase the heat to provide you with extremely hot temperatures to cook with.

There are many great pellet grills on the market these days, so why do we think that the Rec Tec grill is the best option?

Rec Tec’s Ingenious Marketing Scheme

The Rec Tec has a strong following from consumers because of its excellent marketing campaign. The brand made itself known on the Internet and the support of their fans has been extremely responsive ever since. They have rewarded their customers with a strong warranty, and a 30-day, no questions asked return policy.

The Flexible Temperature Controls

If you are looking for a pellet grill that has flexible temperature controls, the Rec Tec grill is the way to go. The control unit is very easy to use, and you start it by pushing a button. Although the temperature inside the grill differs from the actual numbers shown on the control panel, it is not a huge problem to worry about.

This is actually very common with wood pellet grills even those that cost thousands of dollars. The problem is caused by inconsistencies in the airflow inside the cooking area. If you want a more accurate way to check the cooking temperature,, you should use an alternate method such as a meat probe thermometer.

Some Assembly Required

You will need some assistance when putting the Rec Tec 680 together. Aside from a few difficult areas here and there, the grill is not very hard to assemble. The only tools that you will need are a wrench and a screwdriver.

All nuts and bolts in the package are metric, and it can be easy to strip the included screws so use your tools with care. Once completed, the grill is very strong and durable and should be able to withstand many years of use.

One thing that you have to do that many people are unsure about when assembling this grill is connecting the motherboard. It isn’t a difficult task at all, but for someone who has never worked with anything technical it could be a bit overwhelming. All you need to do is connect a small plug-in and you are good to go.

How-To Season the Grill

When you are ready to use your grill for the first time, you will want to season it. This will take anywhere from one to one and a half hours to complete. You will need to fill up the hopper with pellets and set the temperature to 400 degrees.

After about ten minutes have passed, the pellets will start to drop. Five minutes later, you should have a steady fire going. After 15 minutes have passed, you should reach 400 degrees. After that, allow the fire to burn for an hour.

The Smart Grill Technology

The motherboard monitors the temperature inside the grill so that you always know an approximate heat level all without lifting the lid. This allows you to cook at a consistent temperature for slow cooked meat that many won’t believe came out of a grill.

The technology controller may be set between 180 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit in five-degree increments. It allows you to view the set temperature or the current temperature at any time. And the Xtreme Smoke setting lets you add even more smoke to your meat while you cook.

The Interior Grill Light

The team at Rec Tec has thought of practically everything grillers would need to prepare their food, even an interior light that you can use while grilling after the sun has gone down. There aren’t many other grill companies that pay that much attention to detail. This eliminates the need to have someone else hold a bulky flashlight or attempt to attach a work light to your grill.

Various Bundles Available

The Rec Tec website has several bundle options available that will make your grilling experience more enjoyable. You can get the RT-680 bundled with a complimentary t-shirt for free. Or you can add a wood pellet package for an additional $59.95. You will receive 80 pellets with this option.

The Backyard Bundle includes a premium custom cover for your grill for an additional $199. And the Competition Bundle adds a folding shelf, searing knife, and two cooking mats for an extra $399.

The Benefits of Owning this Rec Tec Grill

As you can see there are several benefits to owning one of these innovative wood pellet grills. If you are still on the fence on whether or not to buy an RT-680, here are a few things to consider.

The Rec Tec grill is made from some of the strongest and most durable materials in the industry, such as heavy duty 304 stainless steel. This will affect the overall weight of the product, but once you have it in place in your backyard, you shouldn’t need to move it that often. The heavy material helps to ensure that this grill is durable enough to last for many seasons of grilling.

The 304 stainless steel not only helps the grill last much longer, but it will also increase the thermal mass of the grill, and further prevent it from fluctuating in temperature.

The warranty is another plus that all consumers should consider. The warranty reflects the overall construction of the grill. This RT-680 comes with a six year warranty that you will likely not have to use.

The hopper capacity is one of the largest in the industry and can hold an impressive 40 lbs. of wood pellets. That equals two bags of fuel that can be poured into the machine at one time. That is a lot, especially when compared to the popular Traeger pellet grills that can only hold 18 lbs. of pellets at a time.

Rec Tec’s Customer Service

While the level of customer service may not always be a selling factor for many people, especially when it comes to buying a barbecue grill, it is worth mentioning that Rec Tec has one of the best customer service teams in the industry and they are very willing to help out whenever you need assistance.

Their customer service providers are all based in the US. Every Rec Tec product comes with a contact card with the direct cell phone number for both of the company’s founders. These are the representatives that will answer the phone and help you with your problem whenever you call.

That is the type of respect and dedication for customer satisfaction that is rarely seen in any type of business these days and could be one of the reasons why Rec Tec has seen so much success.

What is So Different About the RT-680?

The Rec Tec 680 Pellet Grill has a fun and attractive design that simply draws people to it. The bullhorn handles made from quality stainless steel add a nice touch to this fiery red wood pellet cooker. The RT-680 also features a full mode setting that lets you control the temperature even above 500 degrees for a customized grilling experience.

If you want to sear steaks you now have that option. There are countless grilling recipes available that call for extreme temperatures that are just waiting for you to try them out.

This custom heat setting helps set the RT-680 apart from all the rest. There is also a deflector pan that you can find right above the firebox. This feature helps to prevent your food from burning due to the higher-than-normal temperatures.

Should You Purchase a Wood Pellet Grill?

Most wood pellet grills are not as affordable as this one made by Rec Tec. They generally cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 or more depending on the brand and its features.

If you would love to find out how well a wood pellet grill works, the RT-680 is a good place to start. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in the product, and you get to experience cooking with wood pellets and dining on smoked meat that features a rich hickory or mesquite flavor.

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Review Summary:

The RT-680 features a fun and attractive design as well as a solid construction. It is a good pellet grill that performs similarly to those that cost twice or three times as much. This Pellet Grill also features a full mode setting that lets you control the temperature even above 500 degrees for a customized grilling experience. If you would love to find out how well a wood pellet grill works, the RT-680 is a good place to start.

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