Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker Review

Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker
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Outdoor barbecue smoker with full digital control for temperature, time, and smoke. 4 cooking racks for meat, chicken, pork, fish, and more. There are more 215 customer reviews.


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Bradley is the world famous brand providing the best fitting cooking products if you want to add authentic smoky taste to your food. For me, Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker is the seamless choice for perfectly-done barbecue. Polished stainless steel material is used in its manufacturing giving it a shiny and clean look.

This easy to use, control and monitor smoker embraces all significant features of Original Bradley Smoker. In addition, you will be provided with the benefits of digital technology embedded in this smoker. Also, a generator is attached with this smoker for improved performance.

As name is suggesting, this electric smoker comes with four adjustable cooking racks offering enough space to cook anything from poultry to seafood etc. Another great attribute of this smoker is that it’s an outdoor-living product means you can use it anywhere provided that electric outlet is available.

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Main Features of Bradley Digital Smoker with 4-Racks:

Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker is an amazing product for all the beginners and the professional chefs. Now you can delight in home-made gourmet food, barbecue and more. Let’s check out the features this digital electric smoker holds for you.

  1. Full Digital Control:

This smoker provides excellent digital interface for controlled time, temperature and smoke as well. It all depends on how much smoke you need, how long you want to smoke your food and also at what temperature your smoker should be set.  Automatic smoke generator helps eliminating any drastic temperature fluctuations and possible disruptions in smoke production that can badly effect smoked food’s taste.

  1. Cooking Space and Racks:

This Bradley produced smoker contains four fully supported and easily adjustable racks for cooking. These removable racks give you better accessibility to food without tipping. Its 520 square inches of cooking space will certainly fit to all your smoking needs.

  1. Fully Insulated Interior:

Like the outside construction, Bradley has used stainless steel material for this smoker’s interior. It’s fully insulated from inside and hence you can use it in all seasons from summers to winters under maintained temperature as you desire for.

This stainless steel material and full insulation combines to make this smoker exclusively capable of heat retention. Moreover, the interior becomes easy to clean-up.

  1. Separate Burners:

This Bradley electric smoker comes with separate burners to generate smoke and oven heat. In this way, you can have good options for the delicious and perfectly cooked food.

Benefits of using Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker:

Finding and buying anything either from nearby store or online will remain complicated. Situation can be worse especially when you want to make purchase for an electric appliance like smokers. Reason behind is the fear if you are spending in right product that will fulfill all your cooking needs or you are going to repent on your decision.

Firstly discern your needs and money along with looking into the gains of cooking equipment and then finalize the purchase. Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker offers below listed benefits making it a must-have to make the best smoked food in the town.

  • Comparing to the features and performance, it’s a cost-effective smoker.
  • The Internal thermostat helps in keeping the temperature stable for long.
  • Its stainless steel interior is fully insulated enhancing the heat retention.
  • It gives steady smoke and there are no possible chances of heat or smoke loss.
  • It works greatly at the maximum temperature of 280 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is easily controllable up to 320 °F providing eight hours of controlled cool smoke.
  • Its automatic advance technology feeds the bisquette onto the burner at the interval of 20 minutes.
  • You food will be smoked for the perfect time span and automatically added bisquettes will give pure taste.
  • You can safely load enough Bradley bisquettes to be consumed in maximum time of eight hours.
  • With this smoker, you will get rid of mess of fire starters and using dangerous flammable liquids.
  • You can control the smoked cooking time and temperature more precisely.
  • If offers feasible and tireless monitoring of the whole cooking process
  • It’s quite easy to clean. Just remove the drip pan and racks, and put them in dishwasher.
  • With clean wet rag you can wipe of its interior.
  • As the interior is made of stainless steel and therefore, no smoke residue adheres to the walls.
  • Outside contradiction of the smoker is done with powder epoxy steel make it exceptionally durable.
  • Edges are perfectly sanded to reduce the potential risk of cuts on user’s body specifically the hands.
  • From novice to professional cooks, all can use it without any trouble because it is set and forget type of cooking product.
  • Though it helps speeding up your cooking process but you will never get less than a perfectly smoked meat as many other small smokers do.
  • It looks fits well in any area of your home either indoors as part of kitchen set-up or outside your house, say in backyard.

Pros and Cons


If you want to make your cooking process easier, safe and pleasurable then I can guarantee you this Bradley digital 4-rack smoker is definitely for you. Though I preferred buying this smoker because it’s made up of stainless steel material yet its silver color attracted me more. I was quite bored of seeing black colored smokers all around in homes of my friends and relatives.

  • Outclass features and excellent performance makes it an economical product.
  • This electric smoker is easy in use, cleaning as well as the maintenance/repairing.
  • You can have now trouble-free monitoring of your smoked cooking with this appliance.
  • Its fully insulated interior keeps the heat and smoke consistent for long.
  • It perfectly retains the heat means your food will not be overcooked or undercooked but it will come out perfectly cooked as you want.
  • Digital controls give you more authority on temperature, timer and smoke setting and stability.
  • Wood chips/ bisquette will be automatically added onto the burner after every twenty minutes.


Temperature deviation is assumed to be the downside of this smoker. This is somehow true because it happens to me and I found it difficult to maintain a constant temperature of 200 °F in cold weather. However, I think it’s a common thing that can be happened with any smoker.

Tips you must know when using Bradley electric Smoker:

From years of experience with this smoker, let me tell you some important and useful tips to use this smoker.

  • Place this digital smoker near to the electricity supply for easy use.
  • Learn and understand all components, their assemblage and functioning.
  • You must know all the features of this smoker for its appropriate use.
  • Long time marinating of the meat will give you the best taste along with smoked flavor
  • Do not use wood chunks as it can adversely affect your food preparation process.
  • Always use quality wood chips but, the best is to use Bradley bisquette available in different flavors.


Do not waste your time with charcoal or wood chips and get hold on to Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker. This digital electric smoker is all about the flavor you desire imbuing to your food. Give it a try and trust me, you will never fail in getting the superior results in form of mouthwatering food.

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