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Camp Chef PG24 Review, Features And More

Pellet grills are becoming a bigger deal every passing year – more and more companies are making them and creating new designs for grills that don’t use gas or charcoal at all.

Camp Chef has their own design, and today we will be looking at their grill design, the PG24. We will be reviewing the design of the product, taking a look at the pricing, unique features, customer reviews, comparisons to other grills, and more.

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It is also important to keep in mind how many people this product can feed and the amount of food you need to cook at once. We will be reviewing the size to ensure that it will work for you and your family – no matter how big or small.

What is the Camp Chef PG24 and How Does it Work?

The Camp Chef PG24 is a grill and smoker that provides you with a reliable, easy smoke every time you use it. Everything about it is simply and easy to use – it has a practical digital temperature readout, and a simple temperature setting system.

Because the grill uses pellets to fuel the heat rather than charcoal or gas, your food comes out with a hardwood, smoky flavor every time.

The product has a cooking area of 429 square inches, a second cooking rack with an extra 141 square inches, and a hopper capacity of 18 pounds. You can cook between 160 and 500 degrees, which is about one hundred degrees higher than a lot of competitor grills like Traeger.

Their system also includes an ash cleanout system for the pellet hopper, pellet purge system, grease management system, an electronic auto ignition, and a shutdown mode. We will get more into these individual features in the next section of the review.

What Makes the Camp Chef PG24 Unique?

Here are some of the key features that Camp Chef offers for this particular grill.

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Ash Cleanout System

The first aspect of the Camp Chef PG24 that you don’t see on a lot of competitor’s designs is their Ash Cleanout system. This system allows you to simply pull a lever to empty all of the ash from the fire box instead of having to vacuum out the grill every time you cook on it.

This is a fantastic feature to have for your grill – it is a common complaint of grill owners that their grills are incredibly difficult to clean out after using them.

Automatic Pellet Auger and Electronic Auto Start Ignition

Grilling is a much more pleasant experience when you don’t have to continually light them up repeatedly or constantly refill the fuel throughout the process. The company added an automatic pellet auger that fuels the fire pot with pellets automatically when needed. They also added the auto start ignition, which sets fire to the pellets consistently whenever necessary. The temperature control unit directs the entire process – when more heat is needed, the automatic auger pushes more pellets into the fire pot and the auto ignition continuously lights them.

Large Capacity Pellet Hopper

Having a larger pellet hopper is a good idea, simply because it stops you from having to refill it multiple times while grilling or smoking.

The Camp Chef PG24 offers a massive pellet storage space in the big hopper. Once you have loaded it up once, you will not have to do so again for at least a whole session of cooking on the grill.

Digital Control System and Dual LED Temperature Readout

The design of this grill gives you extremely effective control over the temperature. You are able to set the perfect temperature no matter what you are grilling, and then walk away and let it cook on its own. Then you also have the dual LED readout for the temperature that will help you monitor the temperature accurately, no matter what. This is perfect if you want to keep the lid closed for a long period of time for smoking meat.

Durable Meat Probe 

The grill also comes with a convenient, nicely built in meat probe for you to check the temperature inside the meat. When you stick the probe into the meat, the other end of it goes into an input socket. This allows you to check the digital LED output monitor to see the temperature inside the meat to make sure it is cooked properly.


Camp Chef also made this design extremely durable, making it easier to transport than some of its competitors. The product has two very durable castors with added firmness – this makes the smoker a lot more stable and less prone to breaking if it is being moved around.


This grill is known for being fairly affordable, and one of the best options for a pellet grill. Brand new, the PG24 is cheaper from retailers like Amazon.

Other retailers offer similar products that will cost you a lot more, even by hundreds of dollars. REC TEC has a comparable model, and it costs $1598.00 brand new on their site. A lot of Traeger’s similar models are also slightly more or much more than the Camp Chef PG24.

Public Perception (Other Camp Chef PG24 Reviews)

Let’s take a look at what other customers thought of this product. We will divide the positive reviews and the negative ones in order to see all the pros and cons of owning a Camp Chef PG24.


The first aspect we noticed in the customer reviews online were how pleased they were with the temperature control. A lot of the reviews specifically mentioned how wonderful it was to be able to set the temperature, place the meat in the smoker, and have the ability to walk away for several hours without worrying about how the food will turn out.

Another quality that buyers really enjoyed was Camp Chef’s customer service. If there were any issues with shipping, products, or anything else, the company went out of their way to fix the problems and make the customer happy.

The price was also a huge upside for reviewers. Having such a high quality product that provides the buyer with so many different features at such a low price is rare and an exciting aspect for the customer. Those who mentioned trying bigger, more well-known brands said that they spent a lot more and got a lot less than when they tried the Camp Chef PG24.

Something else that customers raved about was how easy the product was to clean. As we talked about before, this grill offers Camp Chef’s Ash Cleanout System, which makes sure all the ash and other debris is blown out after every single grilling or smoking session. Not having to bend over and scrub out the grill or use a vacuum on it is a huge plus side to this particular product.

One thing that is mentioned as a plus side for this grill is how efficiently it uses pellets. Buying pellets constantly for your grill, while not as expensive as gas or charcoal, will still add up and cost you a decent amount over time. Having a grill that uses them carefully will save you money and time in the long run. Customers really liked how they had to buy pellets less frequently with this product.

Lastly, users really loved the fact that the design came with its own very easy to use meat probe. This allowed them to easily, quickly, and safely take the temperature of the meat to make sure it is being cooked correctly.

pellet grill


While the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, there are a few negative aspects customers noticed that we will list as well.

The first downside that was brought up frequently was the Camp Chef warranty. A lot of designs will offer a 2 year, 3 year, or even longer warranty for their products. However, for this particular grill, it only lasts one year. Many customers complained that this simply wasn’t long enough, especially by the industry standards. It also did not allow for any issues that popped up over a longer term to be covered by the company.

Another negative that was mentioned frequently was the way the grills were shipped if ordered online. Whether customers ordered them from the actual Camp Chef website or other online merchants, a decent amount of them complained that the products were handled badly and showed up damaged. Not all of them had serious issues when they showed up, but often there was enough damage to warrant a call to customer service or a complete return altogether.

While a lot of the buyers did love the fact that Camp Chef provides a meat probe to safely measure the temperature of the meat, there were a few reviews that mentioned a need to return theirs after just a few months of using them. Luckily as long as it was replaced within a year it was covered under the warranty, however, it is still an inconvenience and should be kept in mind if you plan on purchasing a grill from them.

There were also a few complaints of the grill shutting off randomly in the middle of a cook. While there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of complaints that mentioned this, and may just be a fluke, it is an important aspect to remember while buying a grill.

How it Compares

This design definitely has a lot of fantastic qualities going for it.

When it comes to getting the grill clean after a cooking session, we did not see a model that could beat the Camp Chef PG 24. Having a whole system that cleans out the ash and debris for you is a huge plus side in the company’s favor.

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill With Grill Cover - Bundle...





Pricing was definitely a big upside as well. Getting so many fantastic features within the grill for such a reasonable price cannot be overstated – if you are on a budget and looking for a high-quality smoker, this is definitely one worth considering.

One aspect that doesn’t hold up when compared to other models is definitely the warranty. Like we discussed before, having only a one-year warranty for a grill like this is below the standard for the grill industry and does not allow for any long-term issues that may occur with the smoker.

The only other thing we would advise you look out for if you are considering purchasing one of these grills is having it shipped to your house. Because there were some complaints of parts coming in completely broken or bent, it is important to note if you are shopping online for this grill.

What We Think

This product and company is definitely worth your time and money. It’s affordable, a fantastic design, and has wonderful customer service to back it up if any problems arise.

If you have bought a Camp Chef PG 24 before, what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with the review?

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Review Summary:

The Camp Chef PG24 is among the most impressive and versatile pellet smokers on the market today. It allows you to undertake all your outdoor cooking from just one appliance and is packed with a mound of features that not only make it simple to use, but also easy to care for. Overall, we believe that if you are looking for an expert smoker that can feed all your family and friends, and is easy to look after, the Camp Chef PG24 is the smoker for you.

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