Electric Smokers – Fascinating Gift of Modern Science

One of the most fascinating gifts of the modern science is the electric smoker. Gone are the days when you needed to sit over barbecuing your meat or beef. Also gone are days when you needed to get wooden chips, light them and then continuously monitor the cinders just to smoke, grill or barbecue the food of your wish. This is so because the modern day electric smokers have replaced all these needs. You no longer need to take that extra pain to taste a good quality smoked food. This is also because with modern electric smokers you can easily let the food get smoked over night and take no tensions. So, if you love to taste smoked foods, or your family and friends also love them, just go and buy and electric smoker and start smoking, grilling or barbecuing your favorite meet or beef with the presets already available on the control panel your new electric smoker.

Why electric smokers? el

There are several types of electric smokers available in the market. These include traditional smokers, gas smokers, charcoal smokers, propane smokers etc.  In such a scenario deciding which one to buy can be a tough task. Moreover, smokers are bit expensive, so you just can’t buy anything and replace it the next year if you wish to. The basic behind choosing the right type of the smoker is to do some basic research about them and then make the final decision.

Different types of smokers are usually classified based on the fuel they use for smoking the food. Understanding these will be an important task for the kind of the fuel use to smoke your chicken or salmon will decide how much time or energy you will have to dedicate towards actual smoking or its preparation. So know your smoker well and opt for the one which best suits your life style and is easy for you to use.

Charcoal smokers use charcoal to smoke the food. The burning char coal is placed in the combustion chamber of the smoker and the food is left to be smoked. These types of smokers usually need lot more attention than other type of smokers. One may place the wooden chips along with the burning charcoal to add that unique flavor to the barbecue.

The propane smokers are gas smokers and heat the wood which is placed in the combustion chamber which in turn is used to smoke the meat or beef kept in the smoker. These types of smokers also need lot of attention while the food is being smoked. This is so because one needs to continuously monitor the temperature of the chamber and ensure that the heat is even distributed. sm

An electric smoker is different from these two types of the smokers in the sense that it uses electricity in place or charcoal or propane. In an electric smoker, heating coil is used to heat the wooden chips which are placed in the combustion chamber to produce steam to smoke the meat. Thus electric smokers are relatively easier to use. With an electric smoker, you need not worry about arranging the charcoal or propane for the smoker. Also you get rid of controlling the way the charcoal or the propane burns in the combustion chamber. This removes the most hectic task out of the smoking process and let you enjoy a far more liberty with your time while smoking your favourite food. Not only this, electric smoker has far more benefits over the other types of smokers available in the mark.

  • Temperature control: These days the electric smokers come with automated temperature controller system. A rheostat or thermostat keeps an eye on the temperature of the chamber in which the food to be smoked is kept. The user has the option to set the temperature range, and relax. The electric smoker maintains this temperature range and thus eliminates the need to keep on checking the temperature of the combustion chamber. Without the need to continuously monitor the temperature of the oven, you get free time to do other chores while the food is getting smoked or grilled.
  • Versatility: With the feature of temperature control, the electric smoker becomes more versatile. Most of the electric smokers have wide range of temperature variation. The temperature can be varied over a long range. This allows you to use your electric smoker not just to smoke the chicken or meat, but also to barbeque or slowly prepare the salmon. Electric smokers thus are versatile and can be used to prepare various kind of food.
  • Requires no monitoring: Ask anyone who uses an electric heater to smoke meat or beef, and they will tell you that with an electric smoker, smoking is just fun and requires almost no monitoring. This is so because modern day electric smokers are designed by engineers who also design the heat structure of the smoking chamber. The smoking chambers of these electric smokers are designed so as to evenly distribute the heat in the chamber. This ensures that the food is evenly cooked and there are no burn stains on electric smoked meats or beefs.
  • Is economic: Though most of the electric smokers are quite expensive, they are relatively more economic in the long run and are worth the investment. Most of the electric smokers, are handy and can is easily transported to the place you wish to smoke your chicken or host a party for family and friends. This ensures that even when you are hosting the party for your friends and family, you are still enjoying your time with them. Not only this, electric smokers are economic also in terms of the fuel they use. A charcoal or propane smoker will cost you much more on fuel expenditure than any electric smoker.

Apart from these benefits some users think that the meat smoked in an electric smoker does not has natural flavours like the meat prepared by the traditional smokers. They think the meat smoked in the electric smoker also gets flavour from other sources. However, for most others, it’s just a myth, and the meat smoked in an electric smoker, tastes as good as if it were smoked in a charcoal smoker.



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