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These days the trend of buying an electric smoker is on rise. More and more people are buying these to smoke beef and meat at home. Not only this, the smoked foods are in most of the parties, are served as special delicacies. In such situations, one may think that he or she is just going in the flow of the trend while buying an electric smoker. You may even think: “Why should I buy an electric smoker? Is it just because everyone else is doing the same?”

If you are thinking along these lines, you have got lot more reasons to make up your mind to buy the electric smoker. The taste of grilled meat, smoked beef and salmons, and the barbecued chicken are just too small the reasons for helping you make up your mind. The other benefits include the health benefits and excellent binding which you get to foster at such smoked food and barbeque parties.

Here are the reasons why one should consider buying an electric smoker and the benefits of eating smoked foods:

  • According to the national institute of health there are certain benefits of eating smoked foods. These of course come with certain drawbacks too. However, the harms as projected of eating smoked foods is little and can be ignored. The national institute of heath cautions people from eating smoked foods. However, the recommendation is often cited for those smoked and packed foods which are commonly available in the market. According to the heath institute, smoking foods and especially meats leave them not properly cooked. In certain cases, some parasites found in pork and meat may survive in packed smoked foods. Smoking is the process of cooking food in the smoke produced by charcoal and wooden chips. The smoked food is thus not cooked properly before being packed. But when it comes to eating foods smoked at home, there are numerous health benefits. smoker
  • Foods which are commonly smoked are high in proteins, these include beef, meat, salmon, fish, chicken, etc. Eating a high protein food is of course good for health. Moreover, smoking ensures that the extra fats are eliminated in the process of smoking. This means that smoked foods are high in protein content and low in fat. The smoked food also retain most of their nutrients. Smoking for longer time and at lower temperatures ensures that the food retains not just its texture and taste but also its nutrition value. Properly smoked foods are thus best sources of low fat proteins and are healthy to eat.
  • Are smoked foods carcinogenic? No. While the national institute of health mentions in its guide for smoked foods that smoked foods may contain carcinogens absorbed from the smoke, it also mentions that the carcinogens absorbed from the smoke can be minimised by first marinating the meat by using vinegar. Marinating process ensures that the proteins in the meat or beef remain soft and also that they do not absorb the carcinogens from the smoke. According to the national health institute, marinating the beef, meat or salmon before smoking and then smoking it on low temperature for longer duration ensures that your meat remains free from any carcinogens absorbed from the smoke. It also ensures that the meat absorbs the best flavour from the wooden smoke and retains its nutrition while losing any extra fat in the proteins stored in the muscle fibres of your non vegetarian food.
  • Maintains the familial ties and bonds: These days, modern electric smokers come in various size and shapes. Most of them are handy enough to be carried or transported to your favourite spot. This means that you always remain free to choose your favourite spot to smoke your food. While smoking salmons or fish require little less temperature, smoking meat of beef may require longer duration in the cooking chamber and higher temperatures. Nonetheless, the best thing about these smokers is that they can be easily transported as well as can be used by any nerd. That means that even if you do not know the science behind great smoking process, you can still cook well. These days the modern electric smokers come with presets which can be controlled in your own way. One can either select any preset or can adjust both the time and temperature according to his wish or the food that is being prepared or cooked in the electric smokers. This gives you advantage over others in the sense that you can choose the preset and relax, while in the mean time your electric smoker does it work and ensures that your food is cooked in most delicious manner and absorbs the best of smokes. elect
  • Which one to choose finally: If you are on the task of making that final decision about which among all the various electric smokers available in the market will suit you the most, consider these points. Never ever miss to keep an eye over the type of heat flow design your electric smoker is designed. While the electric smokers with the heat flow design of bottom to top, in which the heat flows from the bottom to the top are best suited for family parties and home smoking of the meats and beefs. The smoker with top to bottom design of heat flow is best suited for professionals who specialise in preparing smoked food. The electric smoker in which the heat flows from top to bottom and sideways are best suited for barbequing the chicken when required in short time. Whereas, the electric smokers in which the heat flows from bottom to top are best suited for home use. Former type of electric smokers ensures that the meat is smoked slowly and that they retain most of the smoke that goes in producing the steam in the chamber.

So next time you are invited to a smoke food party and want to know the secret behind the magic of smoked foods, be assured that it has been prepared using and electric smoker. So, why not consider the benefits of an electric smoker, and taste great and healthier meats and beefs?

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