7 Easy Steps To a Stunning Outdoor Kitchen

There is no limit to cooking when you have got an awe-inspiring outdoor kitchen and no fear of experimentation when the design is spectacular but smart. In older days, outdoor cooking was only limited to barbecuing and serving cold sodas, but in the present it is much more than that. You can make anything from shakes to pizzas and whatnot! Here today, we will get you to know with all the prerequisites of designing/re-modelling your own outdoor kitchen.

We have divided the entire procedure into easy stages for you to have your dream outdoor kitchen:


1. Kitchen Site

The first thing that will come to your mind is where to establish your outdoor kitchen. Remember these points before choosing your sweet-spot:

  • It could be near the main house to allow easy supplies of gas and electricity
  • If you’re not worried about the utility supplies, then feel free to find one nice spot near the pool, under the sun in a shade
  • You could also set it up on the terrace if it is big enough to accommodate the kitchen and still have space left over to move around



2. Making the measurements

This is the most important part of planning, as it will be the deciding factor of how stunning your kitchen is going to look. So take your time, talk to your partner and draw a rough layout of how to assemble the kitchen so as to allow easy flow of food and utensils while and after cooking, and also take risk mitigation measures into account while laying down the plan.




3. Allotting the cooking space

Allot an open space for cooking if possible, as you won’t be using any chimney or smokestack. Also, checkout the typical arrangements of appliances and sinks which increase the efficiency of the kitchen while still upholding its beauty.



4. Putting up the decks

A wooden or marble flooring would not only make the kitchen look more sophisticated but also keep everything at level on an uneven ground like that of a lawn or backyard. If you live in a cold climate then you could add extra elevation to your kitchen by adding some hefty reinforcements so the steps are semi-covered in the snow adding more beauty to it, obviously, if it fits within your budget. Be open to experimentation!


natural stone outdoor kitchen design

5. Assembling all the appliances

Make sure that your kitchen has all the essential appliances that cover all your fancy cooking needs but be wary with things that you don’t need, for instance, do you really need that tandoor grill? Your kitchen should have just the right number of essential, nothing extra and nothing less.

poolside 2

6. Setting up entertainment sources and lighting

This is the most fun part about having an outdoor kitchen, as this is what transforms your kitchen from a sweet get-together place to a total party frenzy!

  • You could add some feel-good ambiance and vibe by putting some designer lighting using various LEDs and dim-lit bulbs or make it rocking with a nice home theater system or just add a big screen TV with additional speakers at specific places to add surround sound.
  • You could also set up a minibar with a neat fridge rigged with all the thirst-quenchers and snacks


7. Make it amazing with a Shed

You should add a top to your kitchen. Do not worry, it will still feel outdoor and it won’t make it like a shell. Instead, it will save you from those sudden showers and winds and give you ample time to pack up your stuff and head into your home.


Also, do not forget to use leftover space, if any, as you could add fenced pathways, a little garden and all that jazz. Final suggestion is that keep the kitchen loaded but a little loose to allow a free ventilation passage and prefer sturdy and professional appliances/decorations over cheap ones as you will be using it for at least years if not decades.

So why wait? Let’s start experimenting right now!


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