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Electric smokers: advantage over other smokers

Smoking food adds a special flavor to it. The flavor a smoked foods gains, is due to the wood that is used to smoke the food, and that is always unique. It is the reason that smoked salmons, fish, grilled fish, and barbecue meat and beefs and eaten all over world as special delicacies and with much fervor and zeal. The smoking food industry has grown several times in the recent past and the smokers have become a common household and commercially used items to smoke food.

The market is flooded with various types of smokers which vary in size shape, and the fuel they use. So when it comes to buying a smoker one may feel all confused about which smoker to take home or install in commercial kitchen? When it might be easy for professionals to decide quickly according to their needs, it can still be a tough decision for a common man to make especially when he is new to smoking foods or when he sees wide variety of products with different and numerous features to choose from. elect

The smokers are classified according to the fuel they use into three broad categories- charcoal smokers, propane or gas smokers and electric smokers.

A charcoal smoker is a simple smoker and has been in market for decades now and is also one of the commonly used smoker. Being the oldest it is in common use still. The charcoal smoker is almost a traditional method to smoke food. It uses charcoal chips as fuel which is ignited and fed into the combustion chamber. The heat from the charcoal is used to burn and smoke the wooden chips which are kept above it. The food to be smoked is hanged or kept in trays over it. The smoke from the charcoal and wood is allowed to heat and slowly cook the food. Charcoal smokers need to continuously monitored at times to ensure that the charcoal and woods remain burning and that the temperature of the furnace has not gone up than the desired level to smoke the food. Usually foods like fish and salmon require much lower temperature to be smoked while chicken, meat and beefs require relatively high temperature and longer time to be smoked.

Propane smokers are those which use propane as fuel. These are also commonly called gas smokers. It is similar to charcoal smokers, and varies very little from the charcoal smokers. The propane is ignited in the ignition chamber and the burning gas is used to ignite the wood. The smoke from the wood is used to smoke, grill or barbecue the food place in the smoking chamber. It is relatively easier to control the temperature of the smoking chamber in propane smoker by controlling the rate at which the propane is allowed to burn in the combustion chamber. Some of the propane smokers come with certain modifications which allow extra chambers to keep water to add steam to the smoke from the wood, or to place some other flavoring agents to add some special flavor to the food being smoked in the smoking chamber.

Electric smokers are the most widely used smokers these days. They are relatively more versatile and easier to use. An electric smoker uses electricity as fuel to ignite the wood used to smoke the food.  They come inbuilt with thermostats or rheostats to monitor the temperature inside the smoking chamber. The electric coil is electrocuted to stop the flow of electricity to the coil and is switched on again when the temperature falls in the chamber. It thus maintains relatively a constant temperature in the smoking chamber. The temperature in an electric smoker can be set to vary between few tens of degrees Celsius to few hundred degrees Celsius. Thus the same electric smoker can be used to prepare all kinds of foods. One can grill the salmon or even barbecue the chicken easily by controlling the temperature in an electric smoker. Moreover, as the temperature is automatically regulated one needs not keep checking the smoker at times.  smok

Most of the electric smokers come with inbuilt caveats which allow the excess smoke or steam to escape the smoking chamber. The electric smokers are also designed so as to vary the way the heat flows within the smoking chamber. The heat can be either allowed to flow from top to bottom or from bottom to top. The heat flow from top to bottom cooks the food quickly and is suited for commercial use, while the smokers with bottom to top heat flow are best suited for home use where the user has relatively much more time to smoke food. Smoking food for longer time at low temperature cooks the food well and adds special flavor.

Electric smokers also come in various models. These include offset smokers, upright drum smokers, and vertical water smokers. Offset smokers consists of a cylindrical smoking chamber and a separate combustion chamber. The fire is lighted in the combustion chamber and heat and smoke is allowed to enter the smoking chamber through small pipes where the food absorbs the flavour from the smoke before finally escaping the chamber.

The upright drum smokers consists of a upright steel drum or box where the food to be smoked in kept in trays the heat is provided from the wood which is smoked at the bottom of the steel chamber. This is commonly used for commercial purposes and cooks the food relatively faster.

Another variation of smokers is vertical water smoker where a water bowl is kept in between the burning woods and the smoking chamber where the food to be smoked is kept. The water from the bowl is evaporated along with the smoke and helps maintain constant temperature once the desired temperature is reached in the smoking chamber. Moreover, the water and smoke condense together and are absorbed by the meat or beef being smoked to provide them unique flavour and taste.

Thus, it is important to do some basic research about the electric smoker you intend to buy and then decide the model which suits your needs the most.

Smoking food and electric smokers

Smoking is the process of cooking or rather preserving food in which the food is placed over the smoke arising from the burning wooden chips for extended duration of time. This smoke heats the food which is usually hanged on top of the burning wood or placed over it. The process of smoking has been in practice since centuries and was earlier widely used to preserve certain food items like meat, beef, salmon, chicken, and etc. However, with the rise of chemical industry man learnt better ways to preserve food including the non vegetarian foods, by using chemical preservatives. With the time the practice to smoke food to preserve them declined. However, by certain activists who considered chemical preservation as not a natural method, initiated to revive the smoking industry and the present the smoking industry is once again blooming like never before.

These days one can easily find packed meat and beefs including salmon and chicken which are packed after being smoked and are ready to eat. The food items which are commonly smoked include meat, fish, cheese and certain vegetables. Sometimes, the boiled hardened egg and ingredients used to make beverages such as beer and smoked beers are also smoked before they fermented. It is believed that smoking the ingredients of a beverage before fermenting it adds a unique taste and flavor to the drink being prepared.  ele

With the need of smoking food just to preserve it being eliminated, most of the professional still smoke the food just for its unique flavor. The smoking was traditionally done over certain woods like alder. However the oak wood is also widely used nowadays. It has been known for years that the flavor and taste of the food being smoked depends on the type of the wood used. With the ease of access to fuel woods increasing men across globe have experimented with choice of other woods to smoke the food. Apart from oak and alder, wood form conifers and fruit woods like apple woods are now commonly used. Not only this, these woods are sometimes also burned along with other flavoring agents like some spice or some root or bark with essence of flavour. The variety of the smoked food and its flavors thus has been widely experimented with and the result is that smoked foods have now become all time favorite of almost all the group of people.

The smoking was traditionally done by lighting the fire, but with the advent of modern science, it has been replaced by smokers. The smokers are designed machines containing a smoking chamber and a separate chamber to place or hang the food to be smoked. This has facilitated the smoking process and thus given us enough time and liberty to easily experiment with the smoking process. With the discovery of various types of smoker, smoking the food has never been so easy. One now has to arrange just the wood to be used in the combustion chamber and carry the smoker along to his/her desired place to smoke. This has ensured that smoking foods is no longer a hectic process where one needed to collect the wood, prepare the bone fire and then burn the food and wait for it to be smoked, while continuously monitoring it. Smoking food has now become almost ash free and much cleaner to use. The ash from the wood used is often collected in the combustion chamber and can be easily disposed later on. This has also popularized the smoking process and made it a common house hold activity.  smo

Several types of smokers are available in the market. These include charcoal smokers, electric smokers, upright drum smokers, commercial smokers, vertical water smoker, propane smoker, smoke boxes, etc. The smokers are generally classified based on the shape of the smoker and the method used to ignite and keep the wood burning.

A charcoal smoker is relatively old type of smoker and uses charcoal placed in the combustion chamber which is used to heat the wood placed over it be used as smoking agent. The food to be smoked in placed in the smoking chamber which is positioned above the combustion chamber. The heat from the charcoal is used to ignite the wood, the smoke from the wood is allowed to pass to the smoking chamber where the food is smoked. The charcoal smokers need to be monitored at times to ensure that the wood in it is continuously burning and the temperature in the smoking chamber is optimum.

Propane smokers are similar to the charcoal smokers. Propane is used as fuel in place of the charcoal in the propane smokers. Almost all of the other components are similar and the propane smokers also need to be monitored for temperature control.

Electric smokers offer an advantage to these two conventional type of smokers and come in various shapes and sizes suitable for both family and commercial use. An electric smoker uses electricity as fuel. The electric coil is used to heat the wood, the smoke from which is allowed to pass to the smoking chamber where the food to be smoked is placed. Modern day electric smokers come in various shapes and may also house a chamber to store water, which produces steam, as in vapour smokers. The steam in vapour smokers is used to control the water content of the meat of the beef being smoked.

The important features of the electric smokers include the temperature and time control functions. The rheostats or thermostats are used in an electric smoker to keep the temperature relatively constant. It can also be programmed to beep or stop or cool down after certain time interval and thus eliminates the need to be continuously monitored. This has made smoking food relatively easier task and allows even beginners to prepare great smoked foods. An electric smoker also has a caveat to allow extra stem or smoke to flow out and thus ensures that food is rightly grilled.



Modern day smoking: A method to add flavour to your foods

The process of smoking is much ancient and has been in practice since centuries. Not only this, the process of smoking is common in all the cultures across the globe. Earlier smoking was used as a means to preserve food. Meat and other non-vegetarian food items were smoked so as to preserve them for longer duration and keep them in stores. However these days most of the smoking of meat, beefs, salmons, and even some vegetarian foods like cheese are carried out not to preserve them but to add special flavor to them which are common only in the smoked foods. The smoke from the burning wood is known to add a unique flavor to certain food items.

Smoking is a form of cooking, or rather preserving food, in which the food, usually the non-vegetarian food items are placed over the smoke arising from the burning wood. The choice of the wood also decides the flavor that is imparted to the food. Traditionally oak wood was common in most of the continents of the world to smoke great food. However, any wood can be used to add flavor to the food. Nowadays people often use woods of the fruit trees like apple to smoke foods. It is known that using different woods for smoking adds different flavors to the food being smoked. Thus the choice of the wood to smoke also decides the flavor of the food that is being smoked. smokers

In certain cases other means to smoke, apart from wooden chips, are also used to smoke food items. Other common materials that are used to smoke food include charcoal chips, and even sheep dung. In certain cases other flavoring agents are also added along with the wood to smoke food. Depending upon the added material the smoked food attains its flavor. In most of the cases, the commonly used materials which are used along with the wood to smoke food include certain flavoring agents like some spices.

The smoke is known to be not only an excellent preservative but is also antimicrobial in nature. In addition to this, the smoke also contains certain anti-oxidants, which get absorbed in the food being smoked and adds to its nutritional value and makes the smoked food a healthy diet. The smoke also contains certain chemicals like formaldehyde, which are natural preservative. While the smoking process is in progress, the food that is being smoked absorbs these chemicals and thus we get both the benefits of preserving the food and adding great and natural flavor to the smoked food. However, it is also known that the smoke arising from the wood does not get deep into the food. Thus, only the outer layer of the food being smoked is well smoked and thus preserved and retains that unique flavor of food. This can be overcome easily by first processing the food to be smoked and then smoking it over relatively lower temperature for longer duration of time.

In the recent past the smoking process had declined in practice. The reason was simple and it was that the smoking process was earlier done only to preserve the food items. With the advent of chemical preservatives there was just no need to smoke the food and preserve it. Instead the ready-made chemicals were readily available and easy to use. Thus with time the need to smoke food was replace by the chemical industry. However, certain food lovers found that the taste of a chemically preserved food or meat greatly varied and were different from those which were smoked and preserved. So these food lovers set to revive the smoking process towards the end of the last century, which was followed by natural or health food movement which was initiated by such food lovers. The movement was the great success and as a result we can again find smoked foods all around. Smoked foods including smoked meat, beefs, salmons, etc are now even sold over the counters as packed and ready to eat foods.

Smoking fish is common in North America while smoked hams were traditionally produced across Europe and United states. These are still in practice and are readily eaten. Other commonly smoked foods and meats include pork and beef hams, bacon bellies, and sausages. Some professionals even smoke food items like cheese and vegetables including fowl, nuts and certain seeds, hard boiled eggs, and berries. Other meats like tongue, liver and heart are also smoked. Most of the smoking industry these days aims at smoking food not to preserve them, but to impart the unique flavor of wood to them. elect

The smoking method involves hanging the meat or placing it over the steam produced by the wood for some time. The meat to be smoked can alternatively be placed in a smoker. These days various kinds of smokers are commonly available in the market. These include charcoal smoker, gas or propane smoker, and electric smokers. Before you consider buying any of these one should know these smokers in detail. The charcoal smoker involves placing the wooden chips over the burning charcoal.  It is the traditional method and requires expertise of a good professional to smoke great food in it. The gas or propane smoker is also a modification of it in which propane is used as a fuel to smoke the meat of the food. The electric smokers are modern smokers which are designed and engineered in various ways to help you achieve your goal. They come in various size and shapes, and are best suited for both personal and professional use.

The modern day electric smokers provide an additional advantage over the other types of smokers available in the market, and it is the feature of temperature control. The art of smoking great food lies basically in maintaining the temperature of the smoking chamber. By being able to control the temperature and maintain it steady the food is not only smoked well but is prepared by minimum monitoring. Thus, an electric smoker can be used by anyone and provides you freedom from sitting for longer duration while smoking. It smokes for you, while you can just relax do some other chores.



Top reasons to buy an electric smoker

These days the trend of buying an electric smoker is on rise. More and more people are buying these to smoke beef and meat at home. Not only this, the smoked foods are in most of the parties, are served as special delicacies. In such situations, one may think that he or she is just going in the flow of the trend while buying an electric smoker. You may even think: “Why should I buy an electric smoker? Is it just because everyone else is doing the same?”

If you are thinking along these lines, you have got lot more reasons to make up your mind to buy the electric smoker. The taste of grilled meat, smoked beef and salmons, and the barbecued chicken are just too small the reasons for helping you make up your mind. The other benefits include the health benefits and excellent binding which you get to foster at such smoked food and barbeque parties.

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Here are the reasons why one should consider buying an electric smoker and the benefits of eating smoked foods:

  • According to the national institute of health there are certain benefits of eating smoked foods. These of course come with certain drawbacks too. However, the harms as projected of eating smoked foods is little and can be ignored. The national institute of heath cautions people from eating smoked foods. However, the recommendation is often cited for those smoked and packed foods which are commonly available in the market. According to the heath institute, smoking foods and especially meats leave them not properly cooked. In certain cases, some parasites found in pork and meat may survive in packed smoked foods. Smoking is the process of cooking food in the smoke produced by charcoal and wooden chips. The smoked food is thus not cooked properly before being packed. But when it comes to eating foods smoked at home, there are numerous health benefits. smoker
  • Foods which are commonly smoked are high in proteins, these include beef, meat, salmon, fish, chicken, etc. Eating a high protein food is of course good for health. Moreover, smoking ensures that the extra fats are eliminated in the process of smoking. This means that smoked foods are high in protein content and low in fat. The smoked food also retain most of their nutrients. Smoking for longer time and at lower temperatures ensures that the food retains not just its texture and taste but also its nutrition value. Properly smoked foods are thus best sources of low fat proteins and are healthy to eat.
  • Are smoked foods carcinogenic? No. While the national institute of health mentions in its guide for smoked foods that smoked foods may contain carcinogens absorbed from the smoke, it also mentions that the carcinogens absorbed from the smoke can be minimised by first marinating the meat by using vinegar. Marinating process ensures that the proteins in the meat or beef remain soft and also that they do not absorb the carcinogens from the smoke. According to the national health institute, marinating the beef, meat or salmon before smoking and then smoking it on low temperature for longer duration ensures that your meat remains free from any carcinogens absorbed from the smoke. It also ensures that the meat absorbs the best flavour from the wooden smoke and retains its nutrition while losing any extra fat in the proteins stored in the muscle fibres of your non vegetarian food.
  • Maintains the familial ties and bonds: These days, modern electric smokers come in various size and shapes. Most of them are handy enough to be carried or transported to your favourite spot. This means that you always remain free to choose your favourite spot to smoke your food. While smoking salmons or fish require little less temperature, smoking meat of beef may require longer duration in the cooking chamber and higher temperatures. Nonetheless, the best thing about these smokers is that they can be easily transported as well as can be used by any nerd. That means that even if you do not know the science behind great smoking process, you can still cook well. These days the modern electric smokers come with presets which can be controlled in your own way. One can either select any preset or can adjust both the time and temperature according to his wish or the food that is being prepared or cooked in the electric smokers. This gives you advantage over others in the sense that you can choose the preset and relax, while in the mean time your electric smoker does it work and ensures that your food is cooked in most delicious manner and absorbs the best of smokes. elect
  • Which one to choose finally: If you are on the task of making that final decision about which among all the various electric smokers available in the market will suit you the most, consider these points. Never ever miss to keep an eye over the type of heat flow design your electric smoker is designed. While the electric smokers with the heat flow design of bottom to top, in which the heat flows from the bottom to the top are best suited for family parties and home smoking of the meats and beefs. The smoker with top to bottom design of heat flow is best suited for professionals who specialise in preparing smoked food. The electric smoker in which the heat flows from top to bottom and sideways are best suited for barbequing the chicken when required in short time. Whereas, the electric smokers in which the heat flows from bottom to top are best suited for home use. Former type of electric smokers ensures that the meat is smoked slowly and that they retain most of the smoke that goes in producing the steam in the chamber.

So next time you are invited to a smoke food party and want to know the secret behind the magic of smoked foods, be assured that it has been prepared using and electric smoker. So, why not consider the benefits of an electric smoker, and taste great and healthier meats and beefs?

Electric Smokers – Fascinating Gift of Modern Science

One of the most fascinating gifts of the modern science is the electric smoker. Gone are the days when you needed to sit over barbecuing your meat or beef. Also gone are days when you needed to get wooden chips, light them and then continuously monitor the cinders just to smoke, grill or barbecue the food of your wish. This is so because the modern day electric smokers have replaced all these needs. You no longer need to take that extra pain to taste a good quality smoked food. This is also because with modern electric smokers you can easily let the food get smoked over night and take no tensions. So, if you love to taste smoked foods, or your family and friends also love them, just go and buy and electric smoker and start smoking, grilling or barbecuing your favorite meet or beef with the presets already available on the control panel your new electric smoker.

Why electric smokers? el

There are several types of electric smokers available in the market. These include traditional smokers, gas smokers, charcoal smokers, propane smokers etc.  In such a scenario deciding which one to buy can be a tough task. Moreover, smokers are bit expensive, so you just can’t buy anything and replace it the next year if you wish to. The basic behind choosing the right type of the smoker is to do some basic research about them and then make the final decision.

Different types of smokers are usually classified based on the fuel they use for smoking the food. Understanding these will be an important task for the kind of the fuel use to smoke your chicken or salmon will decide how much time or energy you will have to dedicate towards actual smoking or its preparation. So know your smoker well and opt for the one which best suits your life style and is easy for you to use.

Charcoal smokers use charcoal to smoke the food. The burning char coal is placed in the combustion chamber of the smoker and the food is left to be smoked. These types of smokers usually need lot more attention than other type of smokers. One may place the wooden chips along with the burning charcoal to add that unique flavor to the barbecue.

The propane smokers are gas smokers and heat the wood which is placed in the combustion chamber which in turn is used to smoke the meat or beef kept in the smoker. These types of smokers also need lot of attention while the food is being smoked. This is so because one needs to continuously monitor the temperature of the chamber and ensure that the heat is even distributed. sm

An electric smoker is different from these two types of the smokers in the sense that it uses electricity in place or charcoal or propane. In an electric smoker, heating coil is used to heat the wooden chips which are placed in the combustion chamber to produce steam to smoke the meat. Thus electric smokers are relatively easier to use. With an electric smoker, you need not worry about arranging the charcoal or propane for the smoker. Also you get rid of controlling the way the charcoal or the propane burns in the combustion chamber. This removes the most hectic task out of the smoking process and let you enjoy a far more liberty with your time while smoking your favourite food. Not only this, electric smoker has far more benefits over the other types of smokers available in the mark.

  • Temperature control: These days the electric smokers come with automated temperature controller system. A rheostat or thermostat keeps an eye on the temperature of the chamber in which the food to be smoked is kept. The user has the option to set the temperature range, and relax. The electric smoker maintains this temperature range and thus eliminates the need to keep on checking the temperature of the combustion chamber. Without the need to continuously monitor the temperature of the oven, you get free time to do other chores while the food is getting smoked or grilled.
  • Versatility: With the feature of temperature control, the electric smoker becomes more versatile. Most of the electric smokers have wide range of temperature variation. The temperature can be varied over a long range. This allows you to use your electric smoker not just to smoke the chicken or meat, but also to barbeque or slowly prepare the salmon. Electric smokers thus are versatile and can be used to prepare various kind of food.
  • Requires no monitoring: Ask anyone who uses an electric heater to smoke meat or beef, and they will tell you that with an electric smoker, smoking is just fun and requires almost no monitoring. This is so because modern day electric smokers are designed by engineers who also design the heat structure of the smoking chamber. The smoking chambers of these electric smokers are designed so as to evenly distribute the heat in the chamber. This ensures that the food is evenly cooked and there are no burn stains on electric smoked meats or beefs.
  • Is economic: Though most of the electric smokers are quite expensive, they are relatively more economic in the long run and are worth the investment. Most of the electric smokers, are handy and can is easily transported to the place you wish to smoke your chicken or host a party for family and friends. This ensures that even when you are hosting the party for your friends and family, you are still enjoying your time with them. Not only this, electric smokers are economic also in terms of the fuel they use. A charcoal or propane smoker will cost you much more on fuel expenditure than any electric smoker.

Apart from these benefits some users think that the meat smoked in an electric smoker does not has natural flavours like the meat prepared by the traditional smokers. They think the meat smoked in the electric smoker also gets flavour from other sources. However, for most others, it’s just a myth, and the meat smoked in an electric smoker, tastes as good as if it were smoked in a charcoal smoker.




Why should you consider buying an electric smoker?

These days we all are too busy to find out time for the things that we love to do. Most of the time one has to manage in the minimal spare time one has got after doing his/her job and other house chores. Here comes the need to do multi tasking. While multitasking can leave you feeling bored and tired, which ultimately depletes down your energy levels. In such a scenario it is important that you find some alternative to multitasking. Most of the tasks these days are computerised. In short you can instantaneously employ someone or some gadget to do your task and relax or focus your attention to doing something more important or of need. But when it comes to preparing food, most of us will agree that it obviously requires lot of time and energy. However, being a basic need you can never leave it. So one always has to find and devote time to making food. When you just need to cook for your family of four, it can be manageable. But what if your friends and family are gathering for a quick get together and they wish you to prepare that special barbecued chicken that you specialise in?

Here is where an electric smoker finds a way into your home and into your kitchen. With an electric smoker you can place the food to be smoked and just relax. There will be no need to go and check the smoking kettle or check if the cinders are burning well or not. An electric smoker will do the task of controlling the temperature of the smoking even automatically and keeping it in control. This not only saves the time of any good cook and let him enjoy together with his or her family, but it is equally good for those who are novice in the art of smoking meat, beef or even salmon. With an electric smoker any novice can set the smoker in the right mode for the desired food and get the same quality smoked food.

That’s the reason why you should consider buying an electric smoker. With a good quality electric smoker, smoking food or meat becomes easy and cooking becomes fun, faster and pleasurable art. It not only saves your time, but also ensures that every bit you bit of the food smoked in an electric smoker is delicious and adorable. So, next time you plan to add something to your kitchen, consider buying an electric smoker.

 Which electric smoker to buy: Things you should look for in an electric smoker elec

Even when it might seem that buying an electric smoker is no rocket science, one might still get confused before choosing the right electric smoker. The reason is obvious- we all love smoked food, which are both delicious and healthy, and market is full of various models of electric smokers manufactured by different companies. Moreover, every model looks different, trendy, and attractive with some other feature in addition to the one you just saw before.

If you wish to cook fish, salmon or crab not all electric smokers will work. So before you make the final choice about the electric smoker you wish to buy, consider these points and ensure that that the electric smoker of your choice meets your needs.

  • Temperature control: Good cooks know the importance o f both temperature control and time control to prepare any good dish. A good cooks continuously monitors the heat of his cooking ware to ensure that food is neither over cooker or under cooked. An electric smoker does that job automatically for you. An electric smoker does this job by using thermostats or rheostats. While both the versions are good to use, most of the users rate electric smokers using rheostats as good, when compared to an electric smoker using thermostat for temperature control.
  • Look for the caveats: All electric smokers come with preinstalled caveats in the combustion chamber. This lets the excess heat and smoke escape out of the combustion chamber. While the excess steam or smoke escapes, the temperature is still maintained in an electric smoker. This ensures that the food you prepare using an electric smoker does not tastes smokier. In traditional style of cooking one need to stir the food to ensure that it is not burnt in any particular side. An electric smoker even eliminates this need, for it maintains the temperature of the complete unit fairly constant. The result is a delicious food with no stains of burn or something. The food thus not tastes good but also looks good and best. smo
  • Heat structure of the electric smoker: Lot more of the science related to an electric smoker goes in the preparation of its heat structure. Engineers design this in order to ensure that the food is prepared well and faster. If you are a professional and need to smoke the meat or beef faster, you should go for smokers in which heat flows upside down and at the sides. While if you wish to buy an electric smoker for your personal use it is better to opt for the smokers in which the heat flows from downside to upside. This allows the food to be cooked slowly and thus retain its natural flavours.
  • Layer structure: The electric smokers come fitted with various kinds of trays. These may be placed horizontally or at some inclination. For preparing meat the horizontal trays are the best. While for preparing fish hollow and slightly inclined trays are the best. Apart from the design it is also worth considering the material of the tray. Trays can be made of simple steels or stainless steels, or of some other material. Ensure that the material of the tray is durable and is something which needs less maintenance. In most of the cases stainless steel trays are considered best.
  • The cost: Most of us have tight budget and want to get the best out of the money we have. The idea behind ensuring this that you don’t overshoot your limits is that you do some basic research ahead of going to the store and are sure about the needs of your kitchen.

Reasons why should consider buying an electric smoker

Gone are the days when one was needed to collect fuel woods to smoke the meat, salmon, chicken, jerky or beef, and sit for hours monitoring it when it was being prepared. Electric smokers are the best options available next to them. The most important benefit is that these are handy, ready to use, and require minimum to no monitoring. If you wish to smoke that meat to give it the essence of the traditionally smoked meat, you just need to install an electric smoke and place the meat in it and program the smoker. Most of the electric smoker available these days are programmable and offer good deal of freedom to the user. One can even leave for the office or go out and enjoy with the assurance that by the time he/she will return the smoked salmon or chicken will be ready to serve. All these benefits with other obvious benefits make the electric smokers a must buy electric home appliance. elec

Good food binds the hearts of the people and brings them close. So, if you plan to have some good time together with your friends and family preparing a good food and inviting them is the best you can do. Electric smokers can add magic to this, for they add extra depth and flavor in the meat you prepare. It is equally good for cooking chicken, salmon and other non vegetarian food items. Not only has this using an electric heater had additional health benefits. Here are reasons which will make you consider buying an electric smoker.

  • It’s healthy: Smoking is the process of preparing food in the steam, often from the burning wood that is smoked. The food, especially the meat is placed over the steam or smoke and is allowed to cook slowly. This not only helps in retaining the taste of the pure meat or beef but also adds unique flavors which are found only in smoked beefs and meats. Smoking meat is a healthy alternative to deep frying it or cooking traditionally too. Smoking meet or beef requires no oil or deep frying. Thus the cooked meat or beef remains free of any extra oil. Slow cooking and no need to deeply fry ensures that the meat retains not just its unique flavor but also its nutritional value. So, if you are health conscious buying a good electric smoker will be your best investment of the year.
  • It is easy to use: Traditionally cooking and especially smoking was considered an art. The reason behind it is simple that one needs to consider everything in detail and should have reasonably good cooking experience to grill or smoke meat or beef. Inexperienced cook will most of the time over do the smoking process and get the meat grilled in spite of smoking it or under cook it. Both will not yield you the desired taste of the well smoked meat or beef. Modern day electric smokers tend to eliminate this task with the presets that are available on their control panels. If you wish to grill or smoke, just choose the appropriate preset for the concerned food and you will get the desired result.
  • It is convenient and reliable: Electric smokers are convenient to use. They are handy and can be easily transported to the place you want to smoke your favorite meat. Not only this most of the electric smokers are versatile when it comes to the fuel they use, in most of the electric smoker you can choose the desired fuel. This gives you the independence to add the flavor you wish to impart to your beef or meat.
  • Variation of the temperature and wide range: Most of the modern day electric smokers come with the presets which can even be programmed in few of the modernized smokers. This allows you to use the same electric smoker to cook various kinds of the meats or beefs. Cooking fishes and salmons require low temperature and relatively longer time, while smoking beef or the meat requires relatively high temperature and time. You can easily do this with your electric smoker. The electric smokers can be set to any temperature varying from as low as 60 degree Celsius to few hundred degrees Celsius. Not only this, you can also program an electric smoker to smoke your favorite meat for certain specified time duration too. This ensures that if you wish to smoke the beef for two hours, you can do it without being occupied for the complete time. All you need to do is set the timer and temperature and leave the machine to do its job. In the mean time you can do the groceries or can go out to shop at the nearby retailer. smok
  • Suitable both for personal use and parties: The best thing about electric smokers is that they can be used both for commercial and personal use. This also means that if you wish to party with friends, your electric smoker will be ready to serve you all with quality of smoked, or grilled or barbeque meat or pork. This is so because with the option to set the temperature and time you can do all- i.e. smoking, grilling, or preparing the barbeque.

More than all these the electric smoker is the best investment you can make in order to keep your kitchen up to date. The additional benefit of the electric smoker over the traditional smoker is that it leaves no traces of the ashes even. The electric smokers are also available in various sizes and shapes, are handy and easily transportable, can be set according to your wish of the dish, and are well in budget. However, before making the final decision about the model of the electric smoker to be purchased one must consider comparing the various models and be clear about the needs of their kitchen. Apart from this the most important thing is using a smoker is far more healthy than the ways of traditional cooking methods. So this vacation, make up your mind and bring home your favorite electric smoker.